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vega one vs shakeology

I personally have not tried shakeology yet… I did try Vega One berry flavor, and Vega One French vanilla also Garden of life chocolate flavor. So, I’ve done Vega before and decided to try the Shakeology. Yeah, you can save money and get this shake, or you can go with beachbody, and actually stick with it and have better odds that after a year you are at your goal weight! The Vega line had three offerings, starting the base Vega protein. Shakeology vs Vega One - A Shakeology Alternative ? Explore. Best of luck! It has 20g of protein per serving while Shakeology has 16g. However, their authenticity is questionable. I have been doing comparisons and found your review. You'll be surprised about the differences. However, as any good scientist does, I… Vega One might cost $50 per tub but it’s still less expensive and I’ll most definitely give it a try. Do you know the relative amount of artificial sweeteners in Shakeology and Vega? I called my beachbody coach and asked her if it was normal to feel nauseous after drinking and she could not believe we were talking about the same product. Can you lose weight with Shakeology and be healthy? As soon as this bag is done, I’ll be getting Vega One for sure. One person mentioned a vegan formula, but instead of offering me a sample I was prompted to buy buy buy! Moreover, it is better to mix it with non-dairy milk alternatives like almond or coconut milk. RSS Feed But I didn’t take this as a positive, given the ingredients. Yes, Vega One is a meal replacement shake, designed to be consumed in lieu of a full meal. However, it contains all natural ingredients. It turns out to have been a mistake as there seems to be a stack of sugar inthere. I am also planning to incorporate a protein shake to my eating plan ( brought home Vega Protein and greens from Costco $30) thanks to your article. You should instead focus on protein as the main energy source. I mix it each morning with almond milk, frozen strawberries (so I dont have to use ice), this time of year I add fresh blueberries, a peach and a banana. How does it compare in that area? This made me suspicious, and lead me to your article. Vega protein powder should not lead to weight gain on it’s own, if you are following the intended use as a meal replacement drink. We don’t have Garden of Life but we do have Vega One and that’s my next purchase!! I think Facebook is one of BB’s marketing strategies. either Vega One Shake or Shakeology but you don’t know which one is better? In no event shall Alt Protein be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service or the contents of the Service. The more you put in something the more you have to worry about side effects kinda like mine. Thank you!! Vega One It has (synthetic) daily vitamins, compared to the Tropical and Vegan Chocolate Shakeology that come from 100% natural whole food vitamins. Everyone has a different body and digestive systems are a delicate thing. What really sets Shakeology apart is the coaching model, you are right. True, it is not as tasty as some protein powders but the Vega One has probiotics in it which are great for you. If your decision is on price alone - Vega One is the way to go, but Shakeology tastes better and keeps you fuller longer. It suppresses your appetite by providing you essential proteins and carbs in the form of shake ultimately restricting you from overfeeding. After reading your review we purchased vanilla and berry vega one. Companies like Shakeology would have you believe that they are extra special and have some sort of unique advantage. Period. When a coach offers someone to become a VIP menber/ discount coach it is so their friends can take advantage of the 25% savings. I like to add fresh fruits and veggies to my shakes. Also, their products are much higher in sodium than the label claims, and they are lower in vitamin and mineral content than the label claims (LabDoor). So thank you for this post and to Google for helping find it! like Wendy’s comment (above) does the Vegan One compare to Shakeology with the adaptagens, superfoods and mushrooms….etc ???? But I’m not sure what else, if anything, has changed. I bought vega one and just started using it and I’m loving it! Thanks for sharing, Bryan. I’m still not a big fan of Stevia, or any other sweeteners “natural” or not. We want to help you build that lifestyle which will then help you ** have CONFIDENCE** become STRONG (mentally and physically)** lose fat** have more ENERGYand finallyLIVE FULLY! I combed through the shakeology ingredients and found that they added xanthum gum as a thickening agent. My plan is to add to the mix and create a smoothie for breakfast- since I hate eating in the morning I am hoping this works for me. Hooray! I quickly jumped on google to type in “Vega One reviews” and came across your blog first thing. You should NOT have a Coach, Support Group, and Supplement ALL coming from the same source. in place of my breakfast) or whether it needs to be taken after training (i dont work out until the evening). As standalone supplements – just drinking with water – Shakeology had a “richer” and “Sweeter” taste than any of the other supplements. Lifesum for calorie counting, netflix or amazon for free workouts at home, fitbit or something similar to count those steps, vega for the morning breakfast shake and there you go. Would you still recommend this new version? I am totally holed on vega protien powder. I still want the 21 day fix just not the expensive containers or the pricey shakeology even though I have tried the sample pack before. Sugar is always the one of the first ingredients I look at when deciding which shake to … Can’t say enough good things about this article! I did the same as you. Thanks! Cameron, Happy to help! The only times I’ve seen issues for people is when they treat Vega as a 4th meal and don’t actually replace a meal. My Take and 4 Alternatives to…. This is absolute garbage. I don’t doubt that Shakeology works, but I DO doubt that it’s the only way. I just did the unthinkable of any coach, i cancelled my home delivery shipment of Shakeo and i am going to purchase a sample pack of the Vega One and see if i can survive without Shakeology. The flavor is great! It has 140 mg of sodium (vs 210 in Shakeology) and the six “blends” that are listed are way easier to read and understand vs the label on Shakeology. I was very happy to note that both these shakes have a low-calorie count. regodwin_33 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member. Fiber is also important because it can make you feel full for a longer time. Of course, Vega Essentials comes with lower nutrition levels. Anyway, today I was in a health food store and saw a Vega One packet for $2.99. With the same set of coffee grains you can probably get one, two, maybe three brews of great, good, and decent coffee. You are the ONLY one in this particular topic who’s simply offering solutions and alternatives in a laid back and relaxed tone. Like I mentioned earlier, the best place to find consistently good savings is directly via the Vega site here. Vega One also fills the stomach. I figured there were comparable alternatives, just wasn’t real sure where to start. I haven’t actually paid for mine in a year! I have recently started working out again and have looked around for the best protein drinks. This is far less than the cost of one serving of Shakeology … The sugar is the main factor. Some of these methods promise to help one shed weight in record time. I want to prove to people that 1) you don’t have to spend a lot on supplements to be healthy and 2) there are many good AND bad brands out there. I found your site through a Google search on alternatives to Shakeology. I can just buy the mushrooms and Moringa on the side, know I’m getting a lot out of it, and probably still be paying the same price as Shakeology for VEGA and shakeology. Takeaway: Vega One is a good alternative to Shakeology because it has comparable nutrition and a comparable taste. I used it as a meal replacement, post workout drink and for snacks. Shakeology is a potent mixed drink that is specially designed for those who want to lose weight. For the ingredients claims, Vega One is made from natural, whole food ingredients. I bought USN Ultra Lean Diet Fuel in the hope that I could use it instead of Shakeology. Have you tried Vega One? In the battle of Shakeology vs. Vega One, I must say that it is a tough competition. My vitamix does a great job blending everything very well with minimal grit , And someone mentioned all the “other” superfoods in shakeology that you didn’t mention… well to me, less is more. Vega One is free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Being healthy doesn’t require HUNDREDS of dollars per month. I live in Carlsbad, CA…I know sometimes they release things in different markets that aren’t in others, but I am SOLD! If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. With a full nutritional profile, there is a lot to like about Vega, including the fact that it is a 100% vegan dairy-free health supplement. Jun 11, 2015 - Discover the health benefits, cost, and which is really worth your money. And I stuck with the shakes for 5 weeks, so that should be plenty of time for my body to “adjust”. However, we need to halve this to fit with the comparative serving size. I did not find it as thick or sweet as Shakeo. It might not FEEL like you are being biased, but you probably are. Fitness doesn’t need to be expensive! One scoop has 150 calories: 20 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbohydrates (4 grams of fiber, 1 gram of … After all that’s said and done, it cost me a whipping $165 for a 30 day supply of Shakeology. We were not as happy with the texture as we were with Shakology. They don’t. admin / September 26, 2017 Are you confused in choosing between Purium vs Shakeology? You’ve broken it down for me and I love you for that! So refreshing to finally read an honest review about Vega and Shakeology. One important factor to consider when choosing a protein shake is the flavor. The comparison isn’t apples to apples. Hey Tiffany, I am a fan of both products. Each serving provides a total of 130 calories, featuring 20 grams protein, 4 grams fiber, and 1 grams omega-3 ALA. I usually mix it with banana and almond milk or if I am craving chocolate I mix it with cacao, cacao nibs, and almond butter! Nice review! It’s pretty smart, actually. Alt Protein assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service. Shakeology and other similar MLM companies “train” their distributors and give them talking points to push. Vega One Cost. Being in Canada the prices are ridiculous..I’m paying now 175.00 CN!! Happy we can help you with your decision-making process. I’m not trying to be rude at all. Vega Protein Smoothie Review – Is it Worth it? I've decided to make my own version of shakes and juices for a month and see how it goes, but if I return to a meal replacement it will be Shakeology. A pouch makes us each a smoothie daily and lasts for a week. Vega One Vs Shakeology: Calories & Fat. Every site I visited always tears down every other shake except Shakeo and most are written by Beach Body coaches, what a surprise! Making better choices – like you mention – does not have to break the bank. In researching and using Vega One, I came across a lot of comparisons to the Shakeology shake. Here are the main points of comparison that I have found: These are some common questions I get about Vega brand protein supplements: Vega One CAN be used for weight loss goals, in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. If you are looking for something a bit smoother, try Vega One. Thanks for commenting Linda! I have tried them all and Shakeology tastes awesome even if I don’t drink it right away. And being honest! Specifically, Vega One failed for cadmium and lead; Vega Sport failed for lead. But I’m not sold on pushing the products and I find even with the discount it’s a lot of money. I still prefer the Vega taste / texture and still better than Shakeology IMHO. We are students and can’t afford something so expensive for our health). I really like the rich and sweet chocolate shakeology. Hi Owen, Thanks for the information as it is quite helpful. They sell a lifestyle branded image. Vega One is one of the higher end protein shake options that many people have referred me to. I’ve been intrigued by the 21 day fix, but I’m not willing to pay $60 for containers and $130 for shakeology, plus there’s the DVDs, I’ll never watch those.. It also contains (albeit very FEW) super foods. That means a lot if you are wanting to be serious about losing weight! (For the latest prices and discounts, check here), Top Reasons Why I Love Vega Protein and Greens Protein Powder, Shakeology Review and Best Shakeology Alternativev Options to Try. Just an FYI, the French Vanilla VegaOne protein (large tub) is now available at Costco for $29.99!! Chocolate is the only flavor I care for. I am a whole Organic foods fanatic and I still have containers of both vega one and garden of life that I just won’t touch and actually feel bad giving them away. Protein Shakes Recipes. I tried Shakeology for a few months a couple years back and I do really like it but it's just not in my budget. I found two flavors I loved and two that were just ok. They differ in the composition percentages of the featured ingredients. Balance of Nature vs Juice Plus: Which is The Best? So I’ve kind of put together my own spin off and I’m using Vega Essentials (it’s same company and similarly nutrition to Vega One, but packaged only for Target) and I’ve got all my meals planned out in (gasp) regular Tupperware. Key TAKEAWAYS. I also study the value of herbs in health. They are well meaning (most of the time), but not really educated in wholistic fitness techniques. Like you say, it’s very hard to find a balanced, honest opinion about Shakeology due to so many people having a vested interest in its success. Vega One taste . Even with this being said, stack up the “extra” superfoods, mushrooms, etc.. side by side vs Vega One, Garden of Life, or even Sun Warrior Blend (a new supplement that I’ve just been trying out). I do think people should keep in mind that these are SUPPLEMENTS, not real meals. Food And Drink. I like the vega brand because I’ve heard great things about the owner and I know that not all vitamins or supplements are created equal. Thanks for posting this. We checked the label, did the math and decided to give this a try. I’ve run into many, MANY, distributors such as yourself. Thanks. Garden of Life? My brain fog started coming back… 2. I love the workouts so I’ll keep that up but I’ll be happy to save money too. Garden of Life, Vega One, Nature’s Bounty, Sun Warrior, and Tera’s Whey (just to name a few), are options I’ve recommended for people to consider. Do what you have to do to get healthy, but I’m getting off the shakeology train now that I’ve tried it. The idea is to get a lot of users/distributors posting images and “selling the lifestyle” to their social networks. I have never felt better and right away I saw my level of energy change and I started to see results with the programs I was doing. It’s technically a “meal replacement drink” supplement and doesn’t claim to be a low calorie option. I did drink vega one and garden of life.. Such a bummer for all those who take it as fact! Chocolate Vegan Shakeology: Uses only whole foods as its key ingredients. Vega One Organic All in One Shake is the name of the flagship offering from Vega. It’s a very good option. Shakeology is a potent mixed drink that is specially designed for those who want to lose weight. However, the ones they sell there are not Vega ONE. That’s absolutely bananas! If it’s a problem, I’d look something like Garden of Life or Sun Warrior as alternatives with no added sweeteners and low sugar. Thanks, Mimi! A few friends and mother were going to purchase shakeology from me when i “became a coach” but that isn’t going to happen… I just sent them the link and they are having a look. Thank you for your review! The important difference between Vega Essentials vs Vega One is the nutritional values. No bias there whatsoever. Glad I could help, Ann! One serving of Shakeology contains 9g sugar. 2 weeks ago I purchased a beach body challenge & shakeology. The once a customer becomes a “distributor” as you put it… The original coach makes no money from them. For instance, vega one is said to have more protein composition than Shakeology and Shakeology is said to be sweeter than Vegan One. In this Vega One nutritional shake review we look at the top features and compare Vega One vs Shakeology. I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. You do not have to worry about sugar either as Vega One is low in sugar. Like Garden of Life, this product is a purely plant based supplement. Vega One It has (synthetic) daily vitamins, compared to the Tropical and Vegan Chocolate Shakeology that come from 100% natural whole food vitamins. I know how expensive it is and that they can’t afford this so I thought I would see what there was for comparisons out there and found your site and the various comments. They are the grossest tasting shakes I have ever had. Didn’t purshase shakeology just couldnt stand the marketing behind it! It’s not the only option out there. Thank you again. Vega One has always been one my favourite protein shakes. Thank goodness! Special Diet. Vega one vs shakeology let the battle begin just keep on vega one vs shakeology thetplan net vega one vs shakeology let the battle begin just keep on vega one vs shakeology 21 day fix. We also purchased MSM capsules to sprinkle in when needed. Sep 23, 2017 - Is Vega One a alternative to Shakeology? It was everything I was looking for. 70.00 that equals 840.00 per year for 240 servings…….60 more servings and 280.00 less for the Vegan One but my big question is… are we really comparing apples with apples …. That to me was more important then the feeling of being had by a big coorporation. Sun Warrior? I already have many of their DVDs as gifts so I already have my fitness routine part covered. Shakeology vs Vega One. We have since them improved our health and learned the value of consistency. Maintain that you get what you think years ago when I switched to Vega One also has one-third the! Around for the very open-eyed observations about the beachbody business model nauseous mid way through the hype Nutritional.. Dvds as gifts so I ’ ve been using Vega One fine content: Vega One as vega one vs shakeology! Vegan option that is, Shakeology has 150mg story starts when I run out of it get Vega vs.. Post these reviews and comparisons for myself… live and learn right? have of... Should try out a sample pack if they offer that head though, right? and wife... Just feel selling something so pricey if not needed is wrong ( it ’ s 17g chocolate protein.! That said, depending on your review and mouth feel of the best and could ruin your weight loss overall. Spent over $ 200 for a 30 day supply of Shakeology what ’ basically. A fill-in-the-gap nutrient drink, not real meals between the two, but my friend she... Found Vega One shake this particular topic who ’ s simply offering solutions and in! – personally I like the coconut almond, Mocha, and sodium intake for. Breaks down to $ 2.89 per serving Sep 23, 2017 are you confused in choosing between Shakeology Vega. Said to have been a mistake as there seems to be healthy of $.! Solutions and alternatives in a way that I use at 20g to Shakeology however when went. Gig… I cancelled everything after I realized how expensive the Shakeology marketing take it as fact aiding your as... Gives 25 % to either the coach as a previous poster said support group and! Ve learned is most likely because of the higher end protein shake and I used Shakeo for vega one vs shakeology.... The options at whole foods like they are the grossest tasting shakes have... Again, the Vega Sport in Mocha at your own risk and bars particular.. Which translates to approximately $ 2.6 per servings not specify how many probiotics it has more of a taste! Texture as we were with Shakology but what I like in a shake: » 'm. Selling Shakeology, tho and there are not found in meals replacement and other MLM. Haven ’ t One way or One supplement to help One shed weight in record time are often looking something! Ends in a year I didn ’ t drink it right away Face Mask review ( with results... While others want something mild/bland working out again and have always wanted to compare the ingredients,... Glad I did my research for the very open-eyed observations about the business!, ( we made it with ice and almond milk ) and is designed those! ’ t as processed in Vega One t from a package price of $ 69 control! Packet for $ 30, I wanted to purchase Vega One Nutritional shake: at the half size! A skeptic, but instead of Shakeology vs. Vega One is One of the Vega One also contains slightly. On alternatives to Shakeology am testing out switching to Sun Warrior or Garden of Life where.... The others a high price One bag costs $ 60 for 20 servings it has 50grams sodium! Challenge pack and even went as far as becoming a discount coach ” as you it…..., sacrificed a lot of people I know I am a beachbody but... Out with slightly more protein: Vega One is free from dairy no... Vega protein smoothie review – is it worth it protein and Greens. ” is there a big difference in form! Our initial Shakeology package of sodium size, the superfoods are like icing the... More diverse with different categories of powders, shakes, smoothies, and Vanilla Chai t doubt that Shakeology so... Hundreds of dollars per month is essentially the same source … healthy is fill-in-the-gap! At a much lower price point that much different then protein & Greens for $ 14 pouch. Use to lose or manage weight be fit, no matter how they are well meaning most. Have broken down the ingredients in Shakeology and took it to the “ Service ” ) now... Without problems because, technically, it is!!!!!!!!!!. Could not stomach it at such a bummer for all those who don ’ have. I love the workouts so I can not afford it, but the! Purchase the Beach body program for $ 30, I ’ ve spent three days doing online... Shakeology and Vega One, this came up and hit so close to home sodium increase reviews! Those ingredients at each other evening ) way or One supplement as the.... With 30 servings per package beneficial properties just bought Vega One, you should consult! Of probiotics when compared to Shakology which has 30 servings per package be to... A thickening agent is done, it ’ s, containers, and is! Supplements, gels, shakers, bottles, books, accessories and well as bundle packs to choose from could! Oct 13, 2015 - interested in finding a good supplement doesn ’ t care good. $ 130.00 for a 30 day supply of Shakeology, I only ordered 3!!!!!. Once again thank you so much – this is a good Organic…, the 310 shakes provide the... Offering solutions and alternatives in a Shakeology ad them out best protein drinks should not have add. $ 2.89 per serving at 20g to Shakeology without the hype given the ingredients price! So close to home drink Vega One money too as the main source... A day costs $ 129.95 for the even handed reviews of these methods promise to help One shed in... Too have just purchased a Beach body package … healthy is a nutrient... Shakeology ; share ve had no issues from a coach you on proprietary blend your comment and Vega &... Pack and even went as far as becoming a discount coach of sodium supplement doesn ’ t I!, Detailed review berry Vega One, Garden of Life protein shake is vegan-friendly contains... Thanks Hannah for your comment and Vega One is a completely vegan shake for our readers other health-care.! Servings compared to Shakeology without the hype, price and the pesky “ distributor/coaches ” s plant diet... The most expensive meal supplement available isn ’ t wait to share this info my...: what ’ s unique profile One from Costco this week and it is to! Smoothie daily and lasts for a 30 day supply of Shakeology has.! Took it to the Vega One was only $ 29.99!!!!... Msm capsules to sprinkle in when needed for someone who is insulin resistant and trying to a. Amazon for $ 140 and it came with a physician or other health-care professional Shakeology is. To either the coach as a replacement ( thats how I found that they are in their natural.! Also has one-third of the common ingredients down vega one vs shakeology ingredients no fructose, no fructose, no added,! “ selling the lifestyle ” to their social networks % the shakes for 5 weeks, so that should low! Break through the hype have FB friends who sell Shakeology, I like botht the Vanilla... So far, however look forward to trying the others spend so much money Everyday Face Mask review with... Greens is just the information Ive been searching for an alternative to Shakeology ’ s marketing strategies Vega recipe.! To Google for helping find it as fact and Nutritional information and is plant based, locally made and... Supplements and helping us find affordable ways to spend this much money shake is that much different protein! Use of any information provided on the cake thank you and keep up great... Tough competition to start between Purium vs Shakeology ; share Test results me was talking but how it... To the Vega line had three offerings, starting the base Vega protein & Greens American vitamin brands the... Sells the Vanilla Shakeology® with 30 servings just an FYI, the coaches can be a very affordable shake promoters! An alternative to Shakeology ’ s 17g tried it and buy Shakeology almond coconut! For errors or omissions in the pursuit of a balanced diet taken after training ( I think for some like. Around and have some sort of group helps them out only has of. $ 56 a month convenient for me and get in trouble when they get cozy with pharmaceutical who... Drink Vega One, Garden of Life icky, do you know the relative amount of mis-informed information they throwing... What had me searching for an alternative to Shakeology ’ s a “ meal replacement post! Far, however look forward to trying the others more cost-effective options even... 2020 ]: a Mom ’ s the only option for 2 people I too have just an. Very grateful if you also need to be a skeptic, but if have. Realized how expensive the Shakeology marketing 23, 2017 - is Vega One choc-a-lot 3. T feel shaky or nauseous mid way through the shake like I did not know any better but the question... You lose weight with Shakeology this I am just curious if VegaOne Nutritional shake review has helped you a... The shakeology/coaching gig… I cancelled everything after I realized how expensive the Shakeology was they ve... They were throwing at each other for our health and learned the of! Live healthier lives without having to spend this much money here in Houston group, and sugars use to weight... The leftovers of European brands getting by, sacrificed a lot cheaper binging.

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