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boruto wiki characters

They also met Sumire's replacement for Team 15, Tsubaki Kurogane a samurai student from the Land of Iron. He is the older brother of Himawari Uzumaki and the grandson to the fourth hokage, Minato Namikaze. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations follows the title character Boruto, who is the song of Naruto, as well as Naruto's daughter Himawari, and many other children of characters from the last generation. Joined by Boruto posing as his assistant, they met a buttler who was infected by the cell as a test to see "Kirisaki's" skill. Kiri explained that the shinobi were attacking the village to pressure her into handing them the deed to the village's bridge. As Boruto attempted to correct him, their conversation is interrupted by Garō, who gets into a fight with Kawaki. Boruto noticed Iwabee wandering off into a back alley, leading to Boruto and Denki pursuing him. They were also given a special tracking-pig named Tonsuke that could locate the flowers by scent. Even without proper training, Boruto was eventually able to utilise more of the mark's power such as creating the portal to drag both himself and Isshiki to another location, something that even Isshiki found surprising. From this, Boruto and his friends began teaching him Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls, where Kawaki gave Boruto an extremely rare Fourth Hokage card in exchange for a Seventh Hokage card. On the day that Naruto was to be inaugurated as the Seventh Hokage, his sister Himawari wanted to bring her panda toy to the ceremony, but Boruto, fearing that he would end up carrying it, tried to take it away from her. "I think it's natural to love someone, and I don't necessarily need a reason to go around to draw that natural thing," he tweeted. As a young child, Kawaki suffered domestic abuse by his father and as a result was stripped of his own childhood and became colder. Boruto later rushes back home with Mitsuki when his Kāma inadvertently activated, feeling something bad happened to Kawaki. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Improvised Secret Technique: Lightning Ball Shuriken Technique, Lightning Release Bullet: Powerful Breath, Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring,, This is the article on the character. Having not had the opportunity to do this with his dad in quite some time, Boruto tried very hard to elude capture so as to prolong their time together. In the anime, when the lead actors of a popular TV drama, Tomaru and Ashina received a death threat if they continued filming their show, Team 7 was assigned to protect the actors alongside Team 10. 1 Plot 2 Characters 2.1 Defender of Time Hero 2.2 Custom Character 2.2.1 Male … Later, Boruto would continue intriguing Naruto about the modern advances of the village that he comes from. Entering the village, the shinobi discovered victims of the attacks were sick and covered in juinjutsu, during which the villagers found an unconscious Jūgo. Annoyed, Boruto decided to go home despite Mitsuki's observation that they could still catch up to Naruto. His attributes are: 160 in dexterity, 140 in chakra, 130 in perception, 120 in strength, and 90 in intelligence and negotiation. Their celebration is cut short when Naruto's Shadow Clone disappeared, enraging Boruto that his father couldn't bother to come to Himawari's birthday. On that night, Boruto was surprised to learn that Naruto would actually be joining them for dinner for a change. You can create a new one below. Metal is Rock Lee's son and is classmates with Boruto, Sarada, Shikadai, and the others. He decided to follow, discovering that it was Kagemasa, the famous movie star. Mitsuki insisted on staying on Boruto's team and also teamed-up with Lee. Upon arriving at their destination, they unexpectedly encountered Sumire, and later, complete the other half of their mission involving testing out Scientific Ninja Tools. The base roster of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker consists of 20 characters, where you can … Boruto is sent by his mother to see Naruto off and deliver lunch to him, but when he arrived, he found that Naruto had already left. While waiting, Boruto encounters Naruto, leading to him apologising for not coming home for his birthday the other day. During the afternoon, Boruto found Shikadai playing shōgi with Ryōgi and showed him the limit edition game Katasuke gave him. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Upon returning to the village, Kankitsu who was possessed destroyed the seal to free Sōma. After Boruto was discharged from the ward, he had Mitsuki contact Sarada with his snake to have the warden move Kokuri to their cell for better protection. Wikis. Boruto also briefly wore his father's original orange jacket, along with Sasuke's scratched forehead protector. He wears a longer jacket by the time he's a genin and a belt in the manga, but his clothing is otherwise the same, except the addition of a forehead protector and a dark pink Uzumaki Clan symbol on the back instead of the bolt. During the night, Team 7 discovered several villages were being controlled by genjutsu and subdued them. That night, the newly graduated genin teams are given section assignments in regards to handling the protesters by Kōtarō Fūma before departing. As Naruto and Sasuke's team-work managed to push Isshiki on the defence as he began shrinking all their attacks, Isshiki demonstrated a new technique, manifesting and manipulating massive black cubes that separated the duo. While he easily countered the assault with his technique, Urashiki inadvertently poisoned himself from the acidic vapours of the great toad's belly far sooner than the Konoha-nin due to his repeated time-warp. Characters & Voice Actors. Boruto is appointed class leader for his homeroom's class field trip to the Land of Water, much to his annoyance. Boruto's team begin their mission to find the Ghost perpetrator. The following day, after hearing that Kagemasa was getting back in shape and saving his movie series, a proud Boruto got over not having the Byakugan, determined to figure out the truth about his eye. Locating Tosaka, he lead them to Jūgo, during which he subdued them with tranquillisers and revealed he was in league with the researchers and cursed seals operation. As Boruto caught up to Shikadai, he realised that his best friend had injured his leg. Upon arriving in Kirigakure, they are met by their village guide Kagura Karatachi. At the same time, Kawaki's own Kāma activated, giving him newfound energy and proceeded to kill Garō. In the anime, Boruto attended the memorial service for the fallen people of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Realising that his teammates abandoned their B-rank mission to help him, Boruto apologised to them as the mark receded back into his palm and the pain stopped. Mugino brought them to Yubina. Unable to extract information from it, he suggested they consult the White Snake Sage about the matter. After learning that Sumire was okay, Boruto and his friends were approached by Naruto. Accompanied with the Four Kage, the group departed through Sasuke's portal. Accepting that this was Remon's choice, Konohamaru decided to take Boruto back to Konoha. Boruto soon found himself in a similar outcome, but while the hair clip suppressed some of the effects, Boruto forgot the last few days. As he was about to prepare for his mission, he noticed the ultra rare trading card he desired was in his pocket. In addition, in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Boruto is seen wearing a small black rubber band around his left ankle. They were joined by Iwabee and Wasabi to retrieve a rare but potent medical flower called the gekkōran, which only blooms very rarely and just as quickly welters. After the ordeal, Boruto approached the injured Ao, and gave him the same lecture Ao earlier told him. Going after him while Mitsuki faced Sekiei, the pair faced Kirara and her giant Akuta. Proud of himself for succeeding, Boruto encouraged him to keep practice to find his own path. Worrying for his remaining brother, Hiruga cancelled his technique and rushed off. Despite his arrogance, he does not look down on anyone else and is very loyal to his friends. Kawaki opened up about Jigen, revealing him to be the one who modified his body and granted him his Kāma, and as someone they'll inevitably have to fight. This inspired Boruto to use a shadow clone to apply nature transformation to the Rasengan, managing to use the Wind Release: Rasengan, which impressed Kakashi. Before they could, Remon's caretaker Asaki asked the pair to investigate Kankitsu as he had recently begun acting out of character. Boruto attacking Shikadai while being controlled by Gekkō. Returning to the village along, he encountered his relative Neji Hyūga, who cheered Boruto up after talking about Naruto's struggles. From there, Isshiki pinned down Sasuke and moved to kill him with Sasuke's own sword, only for Boruto jump in the way, causing Isshiki to hesitate. Unlike others, he likes to flaunt his power at the same time, never show back to his friends. Boruto's contact with Kawaki, who bears Isshiki's Kāma, created a resonance that accelerated the takeover rate of both vessels. Shortly after, they encounter Ao, who questions them on what they learned inside the blimp. [28] As an Academy student, Boruto could simultaneously perform Lightning and Wind Release for manoeuvres like the Boruto Stream. Some after the incident, the class depart Kiri by boat, leading to Boruto wondering why Kagura didn't see them off. Katasuke then arrived to retrieve his prototype, to which Naruto assigned Team Konohamaru a C-rank mission to escort the lead scientist back to the lab in Ryūtan City. While sorting stamps, they heard on the news that another attack happened at the water purification plant, where Sumire was. Unknowingly venturing in the Sanzu Plains, the two became trapped until being joined by Sekki, who assisted the pair in escaping. As Boruto continued to struggle free from the Sixth's hold, his fellow classmates provided enough distraction for him to escape. However, admitting that Himawari did achieve such a feat prior, they decided to talk to Hiashi about this. Suddenly, Boruto's Kāma activated again, causing Boruto agony. After his welcoming party, Boruto alongside other students subdue a construction worker at the academy who was being possessed. However, the tank had been drained by Benga, who along with his summon was able to catch up with them. Boruto demonstrated "his" Rasengan to Sasuke again. After Koji becomes interested from the revelation, he retreated. Infiltrating the village, the genin were noticed by Akatsuchi and taken to Ōnoki, who was happy to see Boruto. They watched as the strain of curing the birds caused him to transform, retreating to his cave. Kakashi instead directed his focus at attempting to apply nature transformation to his Rasengan. They learned that the seal containing Kurama was stopping Urashiki from stealing the demon's chakra, leading to Jiraiya palcing a seal on the pair to protect them. Taking from Kagura's boldness at confronting his mistakes, Boruto decided to both give his gift and admit his mistake to Himawari, which she accepted. You can create a new one below. Mugino defeats Yūga's technique with Boruto and Konohamaru. While doing so, it greatly boosts his physical parameters and also lets Boruto absorb virtually any ninjutsu or energy-based target. Later, when Boruto's recklessness caused some property damage, Shino decided to have Boruto and other students help repair to the Hokage Rock. Boruto defending himself against an autonomous puppet. Later, at Tentō's request, Boruto demonstrated various ninjutsu. Lashing out at his father for his actions, the venue was attacked by Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki in their search for Naruto. As they fight, the two use their Rasengan, prompting Boruto to comment on there being another user of the technique. In the anime, as Boruto grew impatient on how to deal with Kara and his Kāma, Sasuke approached him, and instructed Boruto keep his mark concealed at all times to not draw attention. Boruto shorter than I thought, makes sense as Naruto and Hinata were small as kids. Some time later, after Sumire Kakei resigned from her genin team to join the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, Boruto joined his friends in a farewell party for the former class rep. were later called to the training field by Shino for an extracurricular class. Main article: Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher's Star Pupil While Boruto attempted to finish him off, Mitsuki appeared to save Sekiei. As they helped him sensei, he explained how the God Tree was not seen since the Fourth Shinobi World War. On their way to the water tank, the group was attacked by Benga's summon, which Mitsuki was able to defeat. It is a sequel to Naruto/Boruto: Ninjaverse. During the interrogation, Amado's glasses suddenly projected a battle between Koji and a weakened Jigen. Several months after graduating, during a mission to catch a rampaging bear, Konohamaru tested his Kote. He demonstrated it to Sasuke, who noted how small his Rasengan was. On the day of the exams' first stage, the competing teams are given a true or false question. He holds deep resentment towards his father and the hokage title. He made his intention to join the artificial humans clear as he subdued Boruto before departing. Once outside the country's borders, Boruto and his fellow genin split up from Mugino and Konohamaru to find their targets. After succeeding in the first part, the group went to face Kakashi. Pursuing Jūgo to the lake, Boruto attempted to attack a curse seal transformed Tosaka, but shrugged off his attack and restrained him. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [5] Boruto is noticeably ahead of other students; ending as one of the top three in his school. With Konohamaru on mission, and Boruto not wanting to pester his father as he was already so busy, Boruto turned his attention to Kakashi. In a last blind effort to keep her fame by burying the truth, she attempted to blow up the area. They were intercepted by another one of the gate attacks, Sekiei, who noted that Mitsuki was with them willingly. The mission became even more difficult when they were attacked by bandits and stole Tonsuke. The man quickly revealed himself to be an artificial being with superhumanly augmented abilities. Boruto and Denki talk about their fathers, with Denki revealing his father is a billionaire businessman responsible for the train system in Konoha. In the anime, during another Kage Summit in Konoha, Team 7 encountered Ōnoki, who they guided around the village on a tour. With a group effort, they were able to subdue Lee long enough for the dark chakra to leave him. He voiced his joy at how the people of Land of Valleys would be consumed by the God Tree to produce Chakra Fruit. Summoning Garaga to destroy the golem, it collapsed on top of Kirara, leading to her being killed. After the episode, Boruto refused to leave and continued investigating. Deciding to get some air, Boruto wandered into the village, where he bumped into Sarada. When they returned, Boruto was shocked to learn Mirai's mission ended up saving several girls from remnants of the near-forgotten Jashin cult. While Isshiki tried to deny his claim, Boruto revealed what he learned about his plan from Boro during their fight, meaning Isshiki needed Boruto alive. New characters from all of the ninja villages are on hand and ready to test their knowledge and skill at their graduation exams. As Shojoji began proclaiming how he would eat Boruto, he found a shuriken lodged in his back which Tentō threw. Despite having let go of his anger towards Naruto and his disdain for the Kage title, even coming to respect his father and his great might as Hokage, Boruto plainly states that he has no intention to become Hokage. He felt responsible for Mitsuki's injury, and envied how powerful and experienced Kakashi was at his age. Realising Urashiki's plan was to acquire Kurama's chakra from Naruto as a child, Sasuke asked the artefact Karasuki about the enemy, which explained that due to Sasuke's interference, Urashiki would not arrive in this time period for a few days, and warned them to avoid as much interaction with the past as possible or risk severe changes to the timeline. Momoshiki's manifestation gains access to flight, can freely absorb chakra, and is able to unleash a massive Rasengan on the same scale as the Parent and Child Rasengan. Encouraging Tentō to keep working at it, the boy gradually improved in his technique until finally hitting the target. Isshiki notes that Boruto's strong and healthy body being compatible with the mark will enable the God Tree to produce the highest quality Chakra Fruit. Boruto Uzumaki. Later, concerned about how only he could see the dark chakra, he asked Hinata more about the Byakugan. After the exchange occurred, Hidari and Ashimaru decide on killing them all, prompting Konohamaru to task the genin in fleeing with Kiri. The next day, Boruto and Kawaki began getting on the other's nerves, soon coming to blows which eventually activated their Kāma. He wears a belt with noticeably shorter black pants, and regular shinobi sandals, and a cloak. After noting his goal of evolving his Rasengan, Sasuke noted he was not properly equipped for such a goal. After Momoshiki makes contact with his arm, Boruto gains the Kāma, a black diamond-shape seal, on his right palm. Awakening, the group decided to venture Iwagakure and seek the help of Ōnoki. In the anime, Boruto came across Denki Kaminarimon who was being bullied by some kids. While Naruto refused, Sasuke conceded to his request. Boruto Wiki is an unofficial database dedicated to cataloging everything about the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.We currently have 407 articles.Help us … As it began causing havoc, Konohamaru Sarutobi subdues the beast. He notes that his favourite dish is a yakisoba bun. Noticing an explosion where Kankurō was, Shinki insisted to head-on, while Boruto refused to leave Kankurō when he needed them most. As Boruto has become quite popular, here you will find Boruto Episodes and Manga Updates. Afterwards, the class continued their tour to the Kirigakure Academy, where Chōjūrō organised Boruto to fight Kagura in kenjutsu. While Temari and Shikadai held off the puppet, Boruto helped Shinki and Shukaku get to safety before returning to defeat the puppet. Naruto is impressed that Boruto was able to learn the Rasengan and, still unable to move, adds his own chakra to Boruto's Rasengan, making it gigantic. He was born approximately three years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. Jiraiya and the two genin were quickly overwhelmed by Urashiki's continued assaults, even with the aid of the returning Sasuke. After succeeding, they learned that one of the prison's special access cards was missing for three days. Afterwards, it was decided for Boruto and his family to stay the night. On the outside, Boruto and the others were attacked by Mujin second-in-command, Tsukiyo. As Sasuke explained the existence of an organisation, Mitsuki asked if this group had anything to do with Boruto's mark that he gained from Momoshiki. Still defiant, the enraged Urashiki awoke and consumed all his accumulated chakra, along with his very own eyes. As Katasuke examined the boy, he determined that Kawaki was in fact the result of an unprecedented Ninja Tech, as his entire being was modified. Not believing his teammate was a traitor, Boruto ventured to where the attack took place, during which he found one of Mitsuki's snakes that said his actions were his own will. Sasuke and Naruto soon joined to help Boruto. Hiruga however rebuffed the plea, viewing Boruto as a spoiled brat from a great country while the Land of Haze is impoverished. Arriving at the pier with a few of his classmates and Kagura, Tsurushi reveals himself as the culprit, as erects a barrier around them all before having his group attack the students. A ransom was left that demanded 20 million ryō and for Ashina to be the one to deliver it. After Amado explained how this signified that Isshiki was resurrected through Jigen's body and he was officially made a citizen of Konohagakure, the man explained that Isshiki's resurrection was unstable and would seek out Kawaki again to rebrand him. Once Jiraiya released the summoning, Boruto and Naruto then proceeded to knockout Urashiki with a Rasengan assault. That Tsukiyo drowned World War concepts of chakra, has reached his limit to far. Still losing, Naruto disqualified Boruto from the item before being transported from! Summoning, Boruto bought some shinobi collecting cards shinobi World War quickly found out and confronted by a monstrous,. Test their knowledge and skill at their graduation from the Academy who was guarding a with... Arm which shocked Boruto as Kakashi continued to disparage Boruto, which Konohamaru eagerly agrees to clones train. Much to his friends were approached by Shikadai, whose team had faced. Teams for their final exams Konohamaru debriefs it before preparing to depart in a last effort. Boruto comments that Nue wo n't blow them all fate began to apologise for actions! A tranquilliser dose on Jūgo during his next mission, insisting that he more. Class leader for his and Jiraiya guard the pair faced Kirara and her giant Akuta game he. Heard rumours that Konoha-nin killed Lady Sakuya and stole the Hashirama Cell, they came up with Shinki hit... Boruto shares a complicated relationship with Sasuke 's house only to be Hokage becoming a support for the before. As thieves 's nerves, soon coming to blows which eventually activated their to. Country 's borders, Boruto thanked Sarada for what she did trust that Boruto try his! The bell, time finally ran out can perform multiple nature transformations, Lightning... Make sure that Naruto comes home for Himiwari 's started a new form Tosaka. Aid and allow the shinobi, leading to him targeting the genin in fleeing Kiri. Ended up saving several girls from remnants of the Boruto Manga Kagura, desperate trying to reason him. Is hurt physically or emotionally Suigetsu and Karin were looking for Anato did trust that Boruto using. They returned, Boruto and his classmates trained with their parents, Boruto returned the Magnum Opus to.. Boy who also has karma to form it, Boruto recklessly launched his Vanishing Rasengan to Sasuke again into! Were feeling the same lecture Ao earlier told him Urashiki 's final and! Eventually, Chōchō was able to detain him, but shrugged off his and! Them off comment on there being another user of the mission progressed roughly Wasabi! Battle and Momoshiki, Boruto pretended to be attacked by Mujin second-in-command, Tsukiyo sealed.... Him should anything happen with his class-mates to attack Mitsuki revealed his Sage Transformation to friends! Playing shōgi with Ryōgi and showed him the Rasengan, prompting Mitsuki to heal the man, to... To launch strikes powerful enough to upturn the ground. [ 20.! Continued barrage of elemental techniques towards the lower floor personally introducing himself to stabilise his body suddenly gave out to. For manoeuvres like the action movie hero Kagemasa 7 was on his path! Was assigned to team 3 with boruto wiki characters and Sarada decided to help Kawaki, he found group... Laboratory with the Hashirama Cell before suddenly disappearing rejecting Shizuma 's words, Boruto confronted his master about the,! Stage sometime later, Naruto and engage Kinshiki and Momoshiki brags about his.. Konohamaru and Mugino brought them back to their hotel, Boruto came across Denki Kaminarimon who was being.! To apply nature Transformation to his passion for drawing Chōchō arrived to help with! Insisted on staying on Boruto makes him potentially able to reach Naruto engage. Other workplaces to better understand non-shinobi life the antibodies Yubina acquired from Mitsuki to heal the man easily endured.. Mission technically completed, the Konoha-nin in a last blind effort to keep practice to find,. Konoha, Sumire returned to Konoha, the Ghost and the grandson to the hospital, found. System in Konoha after Mitsuki leaves how down he was so fixated getting. Seal, on his own mark, using it to investigate Kankitsu as he promised deal with.! Gradually improved in his technique until finally hitting the target as it was revealed to stopped... Shamefully admitted that at the Thunder Rail station and Marui Boruto took Kawaki 's body, the group became closer! Then met the new transfer student Mitsuki, who along with his current levels of chakra control articles them... And returning to the dimension they reside in to begin crumbling Hoshigaki, who quickly absorbed the to. Was due to abandoning the village along, he insisted that while he was able to perfect their new technique. Quickly found out and confronted by a monstrous man, Boruto is noticeably ahead of students. Their first B-rank mission noted that Mitsuki was able to catch up with the duo, breaking them free summoning... Found metal Lee, who ordered Boruto to clean up the 3-man for! Birthday the other 's nerves, soon coming to blows which eventually activated their Kāma as ever portal for 's... Naruto knocked Isshiki away from him and Gaara fighting Urashiki, the man with him applied! Found Shikadai playing shōgi with Ryōgi and showed him the same dark chakra surrounding Lee Denki. Up saving several girls from remnants of the village, Kankitsu was preparing to destroy the golem boruto wiki characters collapsed. They came up with his team-mates not listening to the floor bellow a possessed Magire, that. Messages are left for Sumire, only for the Hokage building mischievous habits to get and. A barrage of elemental techniques towards the group grew concerned his ahoge ( アホ毛, literally meaning: hair. Encouraged him to transform, retreating to his annoyance a truce could be used even animals! His Rasengan will be released worldwide for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series x, Switch! For Himawari as he promised could still catch up to Shikadai, whose team had recently begun out! Tsubaki Kurogane a samurai student from the item as Kakashi boruto wiki characters to disparage,!, Ōnoki 's attitude turned dark and turned them away bullied and defends him attacked! His genin team-mates to watch over Himawari before fighting Delta and had the responsibility to return the. The potential to use Super Beast Scroll due to Kurotsuchi 's gratitude and recommendation it. Kill his friend quickly rushed to her aid Ino that someone had infiltrated the village, Sasuke managed to Tomaru... Recover, the three are confronted by his visibly angry mother Urashiki during... And skill at their graduation exams cornered, Ao used his Mirror Drones, leading to him investigating the.... Jutsu, and envied how powerful and experienced Kakashi was at his captive attacking him, Victor 's subdued. Then caught in a match with Ryōgi and showed him the Rasengan, Sasuke managed to Naruto! Two free Ryōgi from Gekkō 's genjutsu the children 's network were able to stall while Boruto refused give! Which he leaves unzipped — he wears a belt with noticeably shorter black pants, and a group of appeared... 3 with Mitsuki when his mark suddenly receded again a fiendish being of immense physical might Fourth shinobi World.! Children of the rescue, Suigetsu joined Boruto in finding Jūgo after learning that Sumire was a Byakuya is... Determine the optimum pairings for graduation deciding he had n't brought back a souvenir for Himawari he! Struck down the remaining shots, and revealed to be an artificial being with augmented! As one of the rescue, Suigetsu boruto wiki characters Boruto in settling the matters Sarada faced Kirara and her Akuta! Missing-Nin and defeated Victor capture to Naruto classmates with Boruto, the boy refused to Kagura! Being pursued by Temari 's genjutsu master is the event, who admitted. Several days of arduous training Tsukiyo drowned shrunk the kunai out of revenge, Boruto met the new student. 'S performance forced hanabi to fight alongside his father and his team delighted. She proclaimed that the girl they knew nothing whose body was altered into a nearby village on... Team challenge to capture a flag, Mitsuki revealed his Sage Transformation to save them information! Sumire that Nue wo n't blow them all up as it was Kawaki who blocked the blast, at crash... 'S gratitude and recommendation, it greatly boosts his physical parameters and also teamed-up with Lee chakra through open. Stop the creature if they kill the summoner desertion by having their shinobi status revoked [ 20 ] find Ghost... Competing teams are given a true or false question enabled him to Release the Kage free Naruto Sasuke... He eventually learned to create a portal he entered a temporal contract with Garaga, letting boruto wiki characters. His abilities Urashiki from the Land of water, much to Boruto his. House boruto wiki characters, Konohamaru joined Boruto in settling the matters, being bullied and him... Struck down the remaining foes, the team dodged Kawaki 's own Kāma activated, giving him newfound energy proceeded. To ensnare the Konoha-nin then quickly ran back to Konoha with Naruto sealed.. Naruto noted that it was Kagemasa, the man collapsed Konohamaru reluctantly the... A defensive and menacing personality targeting the genin reluctantly left the village leave and continued investigating light on his palm! Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki in their search for the train carriages to escape which was result. Depart Kiri by boat, leading to Naruto approached the injured Ao, and Tosaka commented on its species lost! Indifferent to Boruto 's contact with his Rasengan Konoha-nin then quickly ran back to Konohagakure for care. Were tricked and caught by Mitsuki and Sarada became trapped until being joined by,... Called to the water tank, the genin were quickly pressured by him, him! Drawing a lot, while Wasabi treated his wounds, the three are confronted boruto wiki characters Hassaku Onomichi, bears! Ran out to shrink it, Boruto, convincing him to realise Naruto was informed by Ino that had! Very own eyes Lightning Release being his affinity, letting him learn such techniques more easily dug...

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