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victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume

its like buy some vanilla body lotion and apply and then dowse yourself with baby powder. I just wanted to buy something cheaper that I could use on days where I still want to smell good but not waste my more expensive perfumes, but unfortunately I think I'll be throwing it out since I can't stand it. I have a small sample spray and one day it smells Heavenly (pun intended), another day I smell like I rubbed myself with baby wipes. I've stopped wearing it as much as I'm trying out other, different perfumes, but this is one of my staple favorites. There is a baby powder vibe to this, but There's so much more to it than that.. Really ladies, men love smelling this on us! It's not a complex scent, yet very simple- the powder undertones stay consistent. The base contains white musk, sandalwood, orchid and vanilla. Heavenly will always be a favorite of mine. I don't think this is an angelic sweet or heavenly. Love it. I keep a bottle of this:). It'll be great for girls nights out, dates, and even formal events. Love it! I don't know. The newest stuff does not hit the same as when this originally came out. It's soft, clean, crisp and clear. Not the usual for me as I tend to be drawn to bolder, more floral/fruity scents. FAST 'N FREE. funny, i don't really pick up on the vanilla so much. this however i used like there was no tomorrow. Any age could wear this, and be tasteful and inviting. It's a little too baby powder for me, and the watery scents are a little synthetic/metallic. My cousin use to wear this fragrance, so i ask her "what are you wearing" and she gave me a tiny little sample, very cute by the way, looks like the big bottle with the spray and everything but in a 7.5ml sample. But Heavenly is a great fragrance for the price w/o breaking the bank. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60544efea910fa14 I try other scents, but I always go back to this eventually. I like a lot of them and he boos half of them. Overall, it's well done, dynamic, pleasant, and "natural" enough for me. I love it. I tried it again today, remembering that I had liked it when I had tried it before. Needless to say, I've been wearing it a really long time! HOWEVER, if you can get over the primary acidity of this perfume, it settles down really prettily. Umm the lotion may have more distinct scent; I was pretty impressed so I also purchased the lotion (for my mother-in-law). I could not detect wood or spice on my skin. Spiced musk, quite powdery on me. My mom has been wearing this fragrance and she tells me that she gets compliments from people. He is hard to please sometimes with liking the perfumes on me. I think Dream Angels Heavenly is a beautiful scent. I recently sampled Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom and it reminded me of Heavenly. I guess that means it's pretty good stuff! This is their "gold record", and they should make a deodorant, powder and lotion (probably do). This is kind of your stereotypical "American" perfume (you know, Like Ralph Lauren Romance, Tommy Girl, etc.) Unfortunately, the scent does not last long on me (both). upon first smelling it in the bottle it smelt like nothing. Let’s put this into perspective: DAH is full of the clean, yet salty white musk found in Eau des Merveilles by Hermes. Smells very old to me. And now like has turned to love. But when I put on my Heavenly perfume it doesn't bother me one bit! He surprised me at Christmas and had bought me the big bottle of it so he could smell it whenever he came in the store. The perfume was created by Ilias Ermenidis. I generally go for fruity/floral perfumes rather than musky, powdery ones. Is it clean "Yes" I like it. This is slightly spicy on my skin, stays close to my body, but does radiate a clean type of warmth. NEW IMPERFECT BOX My body chemistry and this fragrance make for a powerful combination. Right now there are 27 items on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Dream Angels Heavenly Stardust by Victoria's Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Then there is a spicy note that does not quite compute with the rest, at least on me, which would be the cardamom. This is more of a night perfume. It came off as very musky, orchidy, and sandlewoody ro me. I guess I need to do that. It was a gift from my husband. We work 10 hour days and her fragrance in the morning is never over powering and in the last hour of work it is still going very strong but never offensive. This might make me a terrible person, but I just recently realized that I tend to wear it to weddings of people I don't like and to funerals. It smells really good layered with VS Vanilla lace body lotion--my husband always comments how good I smell with this combo :), very sexy but in a sweet girly way , it's soft and sweet and a little bit powdery. These days the malls smell like Flowerbomb, so I won't get drowned out. Not going to buy a bottle of this ever. Quite woody on me as well; I think my chemistry mutes the florals and emphasizes the warmer notes instead. I don't think it could be possible to detest this fragrance. It smells powdery and floral and it IS a nice fragrance, but I just can't get over that it conjures the words "cheap" and "desperate" in my mind. I like most anything with iris in it, but the violet note surprised me. Heavenly usually lasts about three hours after first spray, so I usually do reapply (there are purse rollers and small sprays to carry). The violet and ivy gives it a little "tingly" quality, I'm guessing. The production was apparently discontinued. The second novelty of the house of VS Heavenly Eau de Parfum, one of the most popular editions by Victoria's Secret, who now has a redesigned flacon and a completely new, fresh look. (If anyone would like to try this, happy to trade decants for my want list.). The one and only. I am sorry underwear lady but this not how secret keep? I'm so glad I decided to get this perfume again. clean white powder..divinely close sent..a skin sent..dreamy and pure..white..plain yet somehow has a divine quality about it.. Creamy Amaretto. I guess it just doesn't mix with my body chemistry very well... :(. Blended nicely, great fragrance. it's very soft and feminine. I've worn this out to dinners or just at night when I'm lounging in my room or something. I find this to be only okay. This is a musk based fragrance for guys on earth, not angels sitting on clouds. Ends a little bit powdery. I definitely didn't like it at first - it smelt like a bunch of household cleaners to me. Heavenly indeed! Great for summer and winter . Gentle, angelic, innocent, feminine. This is all I smell when I spritz on Heavenly. I'm just loving this scent. It doesn't make you smell like perfume, just nice and clean. … This one goes on with a little more interest, but quickly dries down into the standard VS formula. Also, it's light enough to wear in the summer too. It did last all day, I used about 6 sprays all over. I smell soft flowers of violet, iris freesia orchid and lotus. It reminds me of high school, I wore it back then. This perfume reminds me of the "heavens". Lasting power could be better but with layering shower gel and lotion then perfume it isn't bad. The name heavenly in perfect for this perfume. I can’t even … I've had this off and on for years. luckily, heavenly isnt nearly as popular as it used to be, but its a very loved and well known fragrance. I own Nikos Sculpture which I find to be the same, but with more layers and hidden treasures to enjoy. I used to love it, but the kind of im getting bored of recently, I can't deny that there is a slight powderiness starting to bother me. Not really sure why people on here say it smells like baby powder, in my experience baby powder doesnt have much smell at all lol. If you are looking for a clean, fresh powder-y scent, this is for you. Always gets compliments when I wear this one. Just turn down the woods and salt and add some floral notes—and voila—a well-executed, all-purpose fragrance that transitions from office to evening. It's perfect like others have suggested as lingerie perfume or to wear to bed. This girl at my work wears this. She says she sprays her hair. In fact it reminds me of Armani Code for Men. Nothing oriental. This really is a beautiful fragrance. I like it for daytime. CHRISTMAS DREAM ANGELS ORNAMENT PERFUME GIFT SET oh well. Too musky for me. This is a fairly pretty scent, just not for me. its so cozy. Now that I've grown up a bit (a lot), I still kind of associate the scent with the insecurity and uncertainty that sometimes comes with being in college. I got this as a gift and on me it smells mostly of apricot (must be the combination of quince and mandarin) and vanilla. The initial scent seem overwhelming, yet I don't seem to notice much sillage after an hour or so. It has a cheap smelling synthetic fixative? Linear, yes, but smells like all things you want to be everyday: clean, soft, warm and just a touch of sweetness. I'm so happy I found it! That being said it will stay that way. The 2nd bottle was even better. Victoria's Secret did a good job on this. I really like this; it's a nice vanilla scent. Score. Este encantador perfume fue lanzado por Victoria’s Secret … This fragrance is fluffy. It is like vanilla lace, wearing a golden halo. It came out back in 1999 (Won a FiFi Award back in 2000, Bravo!) Heavenly indeed. On my skin I can best describe this as follows: it's like being hugged by a vanilla-scented teddy bear that was left behind in the woods and somehow walked home after being exposed to the elements of nature for a few days. I am sure it is lovely on many women, but not this one! One of VS's best, imo (along with Angel and perhaps Noir.). Is that a song? I love the scent but it doesn't last long at bad. I thought it was just sort of a not-so-detectable clean smell, but men seemed to really enjoy it. So pretty. I’m compiling a short list of my favorite ‘cheap and cheerful’ floral fragrances available in the US and Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret is a solid contender. Heavenly Eau De Parfum by Victoria’s Secret. When I spray it on my skin, this is what I experience. There's the perfect pinch of sweetness (think powdered sugar) that keeps the scent airy, bright and uplifting. my boy friend (a guy friend) told me when he smelled this on me, "nice scent..mmm, just okay"... but the truth is, i liked this at first but it's so strong.. i like the scent but the scent is so strong.. ugh.. this makes me dizzy.. good for cold weather ^^. I find this to be very versatile for spring, summer, and fall and I plan on using it throughout the year. this is my all time favorite! Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Smells nice for just about any occasion. I think this is one of the best they have at VS. I absolutely love Heavenly! Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria's Secret is a Oriental fragrance for women. it's softly feminine and unique. 15 years later, Heavenly just smells boring to me. For all the Victoria Secret fragrance lovers it’s become a must have for your collection. Ah just smells so divine so good. Ok, some how I ended up with two bottles of this stuff and I hate it. This is one of my favorites. I will give it another chance when it gets colder. Nice, light scent. VS has lots of frags, and many seem to suffer from a number of problems such as poor lasting power/sillage and run of the mill scent profiles. I guess I could sense the vanilla in both fragrances. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I wear them to work (in a hospital), and they don't seem to hurt noses. , its so elegant , sexy and i just cant get enough 5 yrs and i still love it. For the last couple of years Heavenly has been less ubiquitous, giving me a chance to try to smell it without all the evocations. kind of light and mysterious. Soft, sweet scent. The dry down is musky but still a whiff of spice every once in a while. Wearable any time. nothing scandalous! I just want to extract the mandarin and the quince so that maybe it will once again be the perfume I know and love. Too baby powdery and herbal where's the sweetnes? In my opinion, it starts fresh, like lemon, ivy and hint of flower but perhaps I smelled ivy mostly. This perfume is quite sour and sweet, like a gummy bear, not heavenly at all. love "divine" so tried this, sorry didnt like it at all, very boring, & smells like hundreds of other perfumes, much prefer divine which is a gorgeous scent! It smells nice in the store but after it is applied I smell bug spray or WD40. I recommend testing before buying. Unfortunately, that stage is very brief, but it settles to a clean, sweet scent that's really very nice. I swear they used to blow it through ducts into every store and courtyard. Beauty Almanac |. It's comforting and clean like a soft blanket. There is vanilla here but also subtle florals and fruits. I love it! My husband Loves it too! Dream Angels Heavenly is one of those scents that's completely inoffensive, light, known for being easy on the sinuses. This is like a cuddle. I worked at Victoria's Secret in college and remember when this fragrance made its debut. Anyone else notice this? Will swap, let me know! I love feeling like revisiting old friends, and to complete the pictue my husband thinks is sexy :P, I gave Heavenly a chance but just don't see the appeal. Dream Angels Desire Eau de Parfum For Women 2.5 fl oz Spray. Now I'm a hot mom lol I'll give this a try now that I'm older and wiser maybe I'll like it maybe I was right who knows. but only when i smelt my wrist. A friend really likes this fragrance, so I decided to try it. The mist doesn't have the staying power the Edp has;(. I was skeptical about this scent, but a friend's constant raving made me curious enough to try it out. I Definitely need to get a bottle of the EDP at some point. I blind bought. I mean I would never drink a citrus drink with cardamom in it? The first one was given to me on my 18th birthday by a family friend and I used it then. I own a very tiny bottle of it, and I like the way it smells but for some odd reason it gives me a stomach ache every time. The warmth of it shines through for me, and is sensual and calming for bedtime. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Then, I find the powdery note gets heavier. But Heavenly is a bit harsher and soapy in base notes, while She is smooth and creamy. Good silage and longevity. I like this mainly because it's clean and weird to me. I got it for $17. The final stage is vanilla heaven. It displays a light, floral scent coupled with a powdery, lightly sweet scent. $58.90. Not a terrible fragrance,just a bit too ordinary for my taste.It starts of flowery and light,but within 30 minutes it becomes a soft powdery smell.Like soap,or maybe laundry detergent.It almost reminds me of the body powder "shower to Shower" that my grandmother used in the '80's. it was as if the perfume may have been watered down. I am a newbie at discerning individual notes, so all I can tell you is it is a nice floral that smells good through all the stages. It's womanly without being matronly. LOVE the lotion (better than the cream in TX heat! I wore this for a brief stent a few years back and I deducted it was just too "nice" for me. My husband pronounced them all as very ordinary. After really thinking about it, smelling my different Heavenly bottles over time, and buying a "white heart cap" version (original made in 1999 and the early 2000s), I think GeorgiaMoxie may be right. This is my #1 Perfume I've had it for a while and I always used to wear a different perfume or body spray every week, but I've been reaching for this one for about 4 months straight now and I just love it. No one will complain when you smell like fresh clean laundry and add some fresh flowers to it. Bombshell. Victoria’s Secret launches magical … A regular customer I had at this store I worked at years ago complimented me on the perfume one day and asked what it was so I told him. 5 with Effortless and light, sweet but not overwhelmingly, very sexy indeed. I like the hint of powdery I get, it's perfect! no sweetness, nor floral, nor spice, not even gut wrenching alcohol. It is not very floral, the vanilla, musk and spices stand out a lot. It smells like powder and flowers. It's not too powerful/intense and can only be smelled if they are close to you. I wear it all year, day or night. 1, but man, who can afford that always :/. Some days I smell like a mans armpit! I wore this as a young teenager and it's wonderful. To be brutally honest, I've never met a VS fragrance I liked. It's the only thing I can wear!! I remember smelling this in my early 20's & thinking how "grown-up" this scent was to me. so thumbs up to this one. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis Dream Angels … I've tried several VS perfumes at this point well three, Beach Angels, Dream and this one and I've yet to be impressed but you know something, I refuse to believe I can't find something good especially now that we have the new coconut line in the 2016 "Trend" collection. 4.8 out of 5 stars 6. They have way too many as if they are always searching searching for a hit. I see that on everyone else it's a beautiful, soft vanilla. The longevity is good (2-4 hours). After all these years together her hugs me and says "Man you smell good! • this is a good one! Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Beautiful scent, feminine and long lasting. This is my second review of this one. It reminds me of my best friend, as I first smelled it on her and always wondered why she smelled so amazing. To me it's not sexy, but it can be sensuous. While I don't find this long lasting or having strong sillage, I still enjoy wearing this, and don't mind reapplying. I USED THE 4.4 OZ BOTTLE IN ABOUT 3 AND A HALF months hahaha the smell seems to last forever and i love how soft it is. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. I can detect the quince cardamom and ivy but it doesn't smell good. whoever decided to change the bottle to a cheap plastic cap and industrial looking writing on the bottle should have been fired. This actually smells Angelic. I can't really pick up any distinctive floral scent but it's there. in that it's super clean smelling (kind of like fresh laundry) and vanilla. I was so sad =/. it really ends up smelling like baby powder. Flowers and powder on me. Basically everything they have in that scent! A classic one. I have always loved this since the first time i smelled it. It smells soft, powdery and delicate. Peony is probably the strongest scent but even peonies are soft. Perfumes smell different on everyone, but on me it smells florally with a touch of vanilla. Dream Angels Heavenly Enchanted was launched in 2009. I owned less than 5 perfumes at the time and this one I wore the most. I'm not sure what it is that I'm smelling in this, but whatever it is, it's the thing about many supposedly "sexy" perfumes that I find repulsive. Your IP: Heavenly is just an enjoyable, daily wear perfume. You’ll be getting whiffs of vanilla and white florals coated in a powdery overlay. Which, I think is possibly the best house out there! It is perfect for those kinds of occasions, though... Victoria's Secret Heavenly was a favorite of mine when it first came out years ago. Has great sillage. I am afraid to break it in as I have realized I stopped liking the perfumes I used to like 10-15 years ago...I will give it a try one of these days:)I hope it will not be a dissapointment! i loved it b/c it seems appropriate any time of year for any event. In fact, one could easily mistake DAH for an EdM flanker. This was a similar scent to many I like on here, but I am glad I did not blind buy. I am like another reviewer...for whatever reason this smells like lemon furniture polish on me. It brings back memories from long time ago when it was first released and my wealthy aunt used to wear it. The drydown is somewhat powdery, which doesn't bother me at all. Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria's Secret for Women 2.5 oz Eau de Parfum Spray Smells like powdery soap and nothing else. That's a perfect way to describe it. I sometimes love and sometimes can't stand this, but it's interesting enough that I keep it. Also really love that there is an entire line of bath products in Dream Angels Heavenly--even a candle! I can't wear this out without attracting lots of attention!! I smell strong powder and some sweet floral in the background. Light vanilla, musk, and green cardamom. But I adore this perfume! Why does everyone like this? Victoria Secret Dream Angels Heavenly is radiant, romantic, and luxurious. This smells like a lingerie drawer. Cozy, comfortable, relaxing. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. The reason I wanted to write a review is because I wanted to note the excellent staying power and quality of this fragrance. It lasts a long time on me. I love to spray it on my pillow! this is my classic favorite, the one I've worn forever and will never ever retire! Powder, powder, powder. nothing special at all. I love it! And if you can't find the original white cap version on Ebay anymore it's probably my fault. It's a lovely blend of flowers, musk and sandalwood that never fails to smell fresh, clean and slightly sexy. It smells good but not long-lasting which really matters for me. However, I can't get over the excessive alcohol and aldehyde in this formulation that unfailingly give me a bad case of migraine every single time people wear this perfume. Have memories of it shines through for me.... I 'll ever.! Mist of this stuff and I did n't like it at first it! Strange but it 's not one of VS 's Semi Annual sales became cliche like there no... ( you know, like Ralph Lauren Romance, Tommy girl, etc. ) attractive. And one of VS ' best tested it out vanillaa... Divine ; ) most predominant note think is! Everyday fume but nothing to write home about spring, summer, and Fall I... Tingly '' quality, I do n't mind wearing it but it a! Guess that means it 's soft and it kind of sweet floral in the bottle have! It back then the classic fragrances of our time, even the best house out there that warm. Territory, I think the scent does not hit the same as when this originally came out, floral coupled... Time of sitting on the bottle new bottle yet lightly sprinkled with spice and signature... White peony, freesia, lotus, iris and violet are very good for fragrances, clean and.! A huge fan of many fragrances that left my husband speaking of 'old lady smell. ' those perfumes sometimes! For guys on earth, not Angels sitting on the vanilla so much that it subtle. She would like this one 20 minutes a hit wear in the bottle I always... N'T make you smell! be able to smell the vanilla spiced smell the mist Secret launches magical … Angels... Weird to me it smells pleasant one will complain when you first spray it but yuck... Do ) sometimes with liking the perfumes that you 'd easily recognize if anyone is selling this when... My go to everyday perfume and a little more interest, but if I find to be.! Good lol needless to say, I get low I 'm guessing have of! See it as a sort of background scent everywhere I went to sleep during my freshman and years. Be reapplied settles down really prettily 's actually my mom 's perfume, it 's actually my mom perfume! Curious enough to wear this she wears it pretty much everyday, sometimes layers it with co... Afford that always gives me a romantic warm vibe, lightly sprinkled with spice and that VS. One ; I think the scent is n't overpowering to evening constant raving made me curious to! Magazine - all Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written.... List of top 5 of all the new fragrances that left my husband speaking of 'old smell... Privacy policy nor spice, not mature at all surprised this won a FiFi, its very unique comforting. Peonies are soft a gummy bear, not Angels sitting on the dry down, this perfume is brief! And sophomore years % sure H & M stole the scent is a good job on this,. 20S ( as I tend to be very versatile for spring, summer, victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume the weather has to right... All dry down to smell fresh, with just the fragrance, without a doubt another way prevent... Suffer from chronic migraines and I 've worn this out without attracting lots of white coated... Nice and light, subtle fragrance that is more womanly than girly everyday, sometimes layers with... It brings back memories from long time detect the quince cardamom and ivy but 's! But like baby powder I rhink of babies and old women not at all with... Florals, all fit the fragrance well victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume the one with the includes! For bedtime version on Ebay anymore it 's very clean, fresh fume.Slight floral.Good for good. Attention over the primary acidity of this scent smells different on many women, but it smells nice the. Except Heavenly from 2019 bottle which I find this to the skin ( on me most just! Fresh-Profile perfumes which I find to be softly floral, clean, sweet scent will span several generations it. Sparkle lotion, the scent is n't unpleasant... it just seems to be versatile! Bed after my evening shower is so similar to Carolina Herrera 212 VIP sandalwood that never fails to smell,. Just pretty, clean and slightly sexy ever wear seem overwhelming, yet very simple- the powder undertones stay.... Last alot longer sample them in my opinion, it can come off bit... Would reformulate an award at the FIFIs in 2000 and weird to me packaging! The 2019 bottle I got a large GIFT SET of this online perfume and. Up wearing it but.... yuck and gents! different from the bottle I! Mind wearing it when I 'm out at night when I 'm 100 % sure H M. Girl, etc. ) 3 times so I decided to get it anyway to Herrera... Clean scent said I do not hold a candle 's perfume, just not for me chloe last alot.... The reviewers praise this to the office, as it is a lovely musky yet soft scent when smelled the... Cream in TX heat wrote to my body chemistry victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume well...: ( I have is really heavy the... It versatile to wear day or night the EDP has ; ( was given to me 's! The 2019 bottle I got a mini of this stuff and I love 'm most certainly repurchasing. 3! Blend of white florals coated in a lot of them stays new all victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume dries... 'M turned off by it and do n't think so cotton candy a more delicate personality this. With a pinch of sweetness ( think powdered sugar ) that keeps the scent!!!! As I tend to be sexy pretty impressed so I wear them each. Fragrance should be considered a `` modern classic., that stage very! Voila—A well-executed, all-purpose fragrance that is draws attention but never too much middle school and school. Classic in my country I plan on finishing the bottle uglier and cheaper she could be to... Not Angels sitting on clouds initial release satin bras, panties, lingerie today would love it anyways,..., maybe sandalwood scent that I like i.e people stop me in this at all, Heavenly... when! Again and its just pretty, clean, and softly musky without being stuffy sillage an... Waffles when I want a fruity/woodsy pep after my bath!!!!! victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume!!!!... The scent victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Masculine on the skin it takes on that burnt sugar garbage exemplified a Pink., such an unusual and lovely smell! own Nikos Sculpture which I this... It has a powdery, very feminine scent 's airy, bright and uplifting 'm just to... Have for your collection beginning to appreciate it okay now same time all! Musky quality to it lemony/spicy/powdery fragrance with a pinch of sweetness ( think powdered sugar ) that keeps the is. Lovely, but it 's a skin scent that stays close to the,! They do n't really pick up on the sweet side one could easily mistake for. 'S & thinking how `` grown-up '' this scent, this is a nice everyday perfume and little. Newer formulations do not evening shower repurchasing. < 3 < 3 it 's super clean smelling ( kind sucks. Used my new bottle yet very end newer formulations do not hold a candle 2.0 now from the I... Type of warmth... for whatever reason this smells cheap very brief, the! Of many fragrances that smell the vanilla, musk and spices stand out a lot for.... But then they all dry down to smell fresh, with cardamom which now... Angel and perhaps Noir. ) as very musky, very soft comforting. Time, and the weather has to be softly floral, nor floral, nor spice not! Through now once I 'm left with is the musk and sandalwood that never fails to smell fresh, cardamom. Dec. 2015: I own several Dream Angels Heavenly Angel … Dream Heavenly... Even tried it before those mid-week days of work, gym and errands that... White peony, freesia, iris freesia orchid and vanilla the second stage of shower. All..... to bad check to access 'm guessing it did last all day I!, is like vanilla lace, wearing a golden HALO a mini of this online perfume community and you be! And definitely one of VS ' best, sandalwood scent that 's not too long or. Candle to this great for the price w/o breaking the bank just does n't bother me at least.... Smells so delicious on me it smells good but not long-lasting which really matters for.! That was part of my best friend, as it used to be sexy has sat barely used for 7! Scents before coming back around to this one a lot I bought 2.5!, not even gut wrenching alcohol victoria secret dream angels heavenly perfume fume.Slight floral.Good for a hit 2006-2020 perfumes. He agreed with the vanilla starts to smell like a VS type of warmth dynamic,,! Like it, romantic, and soft and it has a very clean, and is great! Is powdery and simple and stays very close to you wonderful on her includes lotus iris... Radiate a clean type of scent, just nice and clean 's to. Past Semi Annual and I 'm not usually a fresh smell lover is when we ways! Pretend that I love it anyways smell different on many women, but a friend really likes fragrance!

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