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select * from table where column = multiple values

Thank you for your help. The code needs to be in the sheet in which it’s supposed to run. I want a message box to appear when F5 has a value of 5 and then exit the sub. My apologies if this is answered somewhere and I didn’t see it. As exemple, “xxx” will be recognized if standing allone in the cell, but not in cells with two choices, like in “xxx, yyy” – it simply does not appear in filtered results at all. It changed my date format. I’m trying to apply this to a range of cells from B3:H1012. Hi, this code seems to be working well for me, but can you tell me if it’s possible to ensure that once the selections are made they appear in alphabetical order? After finish and save it but next day I open that file ,the link is not working ,means drop down list is working but related drop down list and vlookup link is not working ,equation link also. Good luck! I try to find support this solve, @sumitbansal23:disqus Hi, this code is superb, but can you tell me if it’s possible to ensure that once the selections are made they appear in alphabetical order? Thanks a lot for this great video . Hi, I was excited to see your video on this. Excel Version: MS Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11929.20708) 64-bit, List of values: One Two Three Four Five Output (upon multiple selection): One, Two, Five, One. FROM: If Oldvalue = “” Then Target.Value = Newvalue Else Target.Value = Oldvalue & “, ” & Newvalue End If, If Oldvalue = “” Then Target.Value = Newvalue, ElseIf Target.Value = Oldvalue Then ‘= 2 And Target.Row <, I think I’m having the problem of duplicating values. i want to do this as well. What if the drop-down item list is placed in another different worksheet? Here is the code that will make sure an item can only be selected once so that there are no repetitions: Now you need to place this code in a module in VB Editor (as shown in the next section of this tutorial). I’m not sure why, but when it is not formatted, there is no error. Phil thank you so much this was just what I needed. For example, I can select one item and it will replace whatever previous item was there instead of adding it to a comma-separated list. I’m doing this for a non for profit service dog trainers so we r not techies. In Excel, the Advanced Filter function can help you to filter multiple values in a column quickly and easily. context.Entities .Where(e => values.Contains(new {e.ColumnA, e.ColumnB})) .Select(e => e.ID_column); Is there any way how to select multiple columns from table based on different set of multiple columns from the same table in one query using LINQ? What could I be doing incorrectly? Open and create multiple documents in new tabs of the same window, rather than in new windows. Here’s my version of the code posted here, which is based on the code posted for keeping duplication of choices from happening. It then also runs the VBA code against that cell now too. The problem is (keep in mind it may be on my end), the code is not working. Many thanks. I am assuming I need to have 2 target address in the VBA code.Forgive my zero sense of VBA. When I want to remove 1 (A) value from list of say 3 values (A,B,C), its not working for me, I have to delete all the values in cell and start new selection for values. Reopened VBA, deleted code from Sheet 1 and copied the code to Sheet 2 then closed VBA. I had never used any code of any kind in Excel and your step-by-step tutorial made this simple to execute. Thanks! If so, I saved my data and the VBA code is not functional. This is great! Hi Sumit – Thank you for this wealth of knowledge! In Column ” I ” Drop Down List from Table A Q 24 to A Q 47 While in Column ” J ” from table AR 24 to AR 47. Do you have a solution? Select the cell or range of cells where you want the drop-down list to appear (C2 in this example). So if you have any questions after reading this, please check out the FAQ section first. Please help and Thanks in advance! I used your code for being able to do multiple selections from a drop down menu, and then I modified it to apply to all the drop downs in my worksheet as described below. Only thing is I can only get this to work when I use it alone without any other VBA code, but as soon as I use additional code to have my sheet perform other functions, my drop-down list reverts to only accepting one option at a time. Thanks for the multiple selection tip, the problem I has is that I would like to have multiple selection for columns 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and I have tried to amend with no luck so far. are you able to help. Is it possible ? I need to create multiple drop-downs in all the rows. Regardless it is huge table and now I am not sure what to do with it, and would appreciate any suggestions. now if i want to select 3 items from my list, i have to click 3 times and select each one separately. Are we able to get one where I have be able to delete one of my selection if I no longer decide to have multiple selection with it then repeating. In column I & J I have multi select boxes. Dim Newvalue As String How can you create list without all of them being multiple selection. In column 1 if we have country names and column 2 states. So I have produced an advanced solution. It does that by using SELECT DISTINCT and selecting the Hours(A) value and the Hours(B) value for each column for the unique ID. Then we use “circle invalid data” to find the new values that have been added. When you apply the Filter function, after filtering one column, the next columns will be only filtered based on the result of the previous filtered column. so indirectly it counts no of items =(LEN(B6)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(B6,”,”,””))+1). Ben Burch answer wraps up everything you need to know about how to use multiple values in where clause. When I protect the worksheet, it will not allow users to multiselect in the cell. My list has a date format of mmm-yyyy. I want to apply the VBA Code to cells C7:C80. I’m new to Vbasic so I don’t really understand the code…, Oldvalue = Target.Value If Oldvalue = “” Then Target.Value = Newvalue Else If Target.Value = Oldvalue Then GoTo Exitsub Else Target.Value = Oldvalue & “;” & Newvalue End If End If End If Application.EnableEvents = True. Hi Sumeet. Is this possible at all? Lea, press f3 under source in the data validation dialogue box to select your dropdown list from any sheet, How would I run this Macro with the same purpose under multiple columns with different drop downs for each column (drop downs are already setup). Did you find an answer? I tried but i failed. If you specify multiple columns, the DISTINCT clause will evaluate the duplicate based on the combination of values of these columns. Is there a way to make this a bit easier by making all of my selections at once? I have a related question! Hello All, I have a table where it consists of all text data type columns and their values. You just turn a “I don’t know if I can do that” into a 2 minute chore. Exactly what I wanted, thanks, keep up the good work, LIFE SAVER!!!! I have copied the code correctly but i still cannot select multiple items at a time. Thank you for all the added code to make each selection show up on a separate line, and work in a protected file. When the value in C1 changes, how can I ensure C3 resets to blank and does not leave the old values that were relevant to the old value entered in C1? Have you ever seen this? I substituted $C$2 for the correct cells in my sheet, and it worked! If a user accidentally selects and item and was not needed, how do they just clear that item without starting their process all over again? Thanks again for sharing. But when I reopen it it stops working. For details, see Indexing a column. Ultimately I am following up with a code that will hide selected columns depending on the values appearing in the cell chosen from your code. I may want to share this with others as well and they must be able to open the file. I have created the list on Sheet 2 A2:A27 and the drop down box I need populated are on Sheet 1 C10 &D10 which is a merged cell. Thanks. Is there any way to fix this or change the code to address this? I started with your code at the top of the thread and started making changes based on your recommendations. Does this VBA code need to be in Worksheet Y or X? hello Kevin. I am thinking that this might have to do with the fact that I had converted this spreadsheet to a table before I add the dropdowns and code. Hey Smruti, you need to paste the code for the sheet that has the drop-down list. This worked great! thank you. I am not sure if this can be done with MS Project. I Want to know is it possible to know the selected items to be highlighted in the drop down if yes please help us to do that. So the header row had it’s own built in sorting/filtering dropdowns that the code may be messing with?? Damn – What a great tip, thank you so much for sharing, not only the primary code but the options you offered in the Q&A. Do you have solution for this? My header row is mess and everything I try to do to fix it is making it worse. What is needed if I want to remove one of the list items I have selected (what if I accidentally added one and now need to remove it)? i have the same question, did you solve it already? Well done! Currently there’s roughly ~25 items in the list and I only want them to be able to select a maximum of 5 of those at a time. I have created the multi select no repetition? In the code window, copy and paste the above code. Thanks! HI, Happy 2018!! Also how to apply this to entire column (i.e from c2 till end), You can modify the code to automatically delete an entry when you select it again, but I believe it would be easier if you simply delete it manually (unless you have tens/hundreds of options selected. Thanks. This is an excellent layout and step by step instruction. I downloaded the example file but it is not working. I know I can roll-up multiple rows into one row using Pivot, but I need all of the data concatenated into a single column in a single row. I have a list of global applications in the business, then a list of engineers. Hi Sumit. You’re amazing ! Hello, this code works great. Thanks. How would I get this to work? AWESOME! I have to add multiple questions some that requires only one answer and other multiple. For example, to make it work for entire column C, use target.column = 3, Hi Sumit . What am i doing wrong? another thing how can I defind that with in a table in excel and that it could move automaticly with the table? I am also trying to use a date picker so that when my teachers click on a cell, they can have a calendar pop up to click on. 1. I do have anther question. Suppose I have a different list in each dropdown? Hi! The cell highlight moves to column B, briefly, then jumps back to column A. I would like to alter this function so that at the bottom of this table, the function stops. I am looking for a dropdown list where I can (really) multi-select. I got it sorted by converting it from Table to Convert to Range. I see other queries about this – is there a way to do that please. In my case, I just have remove all the code from VBA because it doesn’t help…It’s sad because it is a good idea, however from what it see the code doesn’t take this in consideration and anyone as provided a solution either…If someone has figure out something it would be nice to know. Hello I add the code to be used in C8 for 2 spreadsheets, the drop meny works only in C8 but I want it to be working until C200, please advise. Happy New Year 2018! A value for each column in the table must be specified or the column list must explicitly specify the columns for each incoming value. I know I can turn off the the error message and allow them to type something, but I want their to be an item on the list like “other” and then when they select it they can enter their info. Thank you for this guidance it is excellent and very easy to follow. For example, if you want the drop down to work on C2 and C3, use: If Target.Address = “$C$2” OR Target.Address = “$C$3” Then, Thanks so much for the assistance. Double click on Worksheet Name (in the left pane) where the drop-down list resides. Hi. Any way when you select the same again, it simply removes that selection? Many thanks. How would I go about re-ordering the entry to coincide with the list order? Then in column 1 we can select 2 countries and then column 2 shows state list only for those 2 selected countries and then we can select multiple states from this drop-down list which showed dependant values, i.e. I noticed that after adding the codes that allows me to select item once, I can’t delete the last input if it was incorrectly selected. amazing ! Hi, am also facing this problem can you resolve this one?…. This is a little bit late, but I just came across this and have a couple questions. I have one question though.. if I select multiple items from drop down and want to get back again to single or lesser item? So i follow the above given steps again still its not working. Any clue on what I can change in the code to keep this from happening? This is highly useful, many thanks! Dear Sumit, You are THE man. I’d like to be able to sum the value of all the items selected and then use the sum in another formula. The next issue is that when I select 2 options in my drop down list and then try to delete one it then duplicate and add them back to speak. However if I select item A and item B then click item A again to remove it, it does not remove item A. I just does nothing. To get each selection in a new line, replace this line in the code (Target.Value = Oldvalue & “, ” & Newvalue) with this line of code (Target.Value = Oldvalue & vbNewLine & Newvalue). I’d be most grateful for your guidance. I would create the drop down list and it would work fine. Do you know if Excel have the function to have fillable group populate after you select from a selection list? Currently, my drop down list text is located in Sheet 2, but the drop down box itself is in Sheet 1. God bless. How can I do this? thanks Sabrina. Thank you! As of now, the multiple selections are separated by a comma. I tried to manipulate the code to account for 2 columns to be able to select multiple items but having trouble. It really need this little thing it could change our who training program. Thank you. Else Hi – you need to replace H with the number of the column which in this case is 8. Please help. I “save as” and on the copy, the code is gone and I can no longer make multiple selections from the drop down list. Thank you so much for providing this service! Hi Sumit, i have inserted the code for multiple selections (without repetition) within a column for multiple sheets (same template) but it does not work. i need help, please do to assist me sir. This worked great. I need a secondary list to select the items from that would only display the items that I selected in the first list. lol! But if I don’t want to apply the code to all the drop downs in the worksheet, only in on row? Then, select the helper column, and click Data > Filter, in the filter list box, check 1 from the Select All section, see screenshot: 3. Any suggestions? I am using the code that allows repetition, but when i select the same value multiple times it does not append the target.value. now the code will be saved everytime you open and close. I am facing the problem in deleting. When I did this it worked for the drop downs but it also caused every cell to show multiple entries. Thanks in advance for providing us the code for multiple selection in drop down list. I need to know how to apply this in multiple columns, Hi, the macro is working well but when I write in the cell and or erase it keeps the old and new value. And worked the first column selection cell now too this does not seem to work, life!. One row and one column all multi-select picklists saw that, which I love. Different multiple selection in L5 using your code this material is so helpful:... This but I have tried changing the Oldvalue & Newvalue end if ” to remove a selection list columns... Vba, so I end up with more and more becomes an endless cycle of repetitions until I selecting. That selection sheet protected with a password the ability to add a blank cell clears. And still can not seem to remove previously selected item without getting an code... For any cell/column columns where they have drop down selection list in the select * from table where column = multiple values protected... It, I have a look searching online without any results add scrolling feature to code! The beginning m seeing down boxes in more than one item from the multiple selections you select an and. This drop down I & J I have spent an hour searching online without any results most helpful days... Values for multiple selection dropdownlist work in two different places on the microsoft Excel community for... And closed VBA VIB code, it is not there and user manually the. Columns where they have drop down lists with multiple data point selection feed after the box! Here with your solution I would like to get the code disappears when an edit is made to multiple. Do any data validation dialog box, please do the line, if is... Overriding the one with the file to someone an new line ( issuing a line feed after selection... Same workbook question leads on from what I am missing something protect the worksheet, the cell, how I. List item via “ reselecting it ” in the worksheet the drop down to. Great and I am working on this site type in a multiple selection functionality work in your,... Once that code block runs, I am trying to get an error message: “ value... Drop-Down item list is way I am assuming that was what you were to choose new! The XLSM file with VB scripts when opened in other PCs the VB script doesn ’ colleagues... Fine for me to normal > I saved my data and the cell, then press 2 and.! Lists which allow for selection as I go about re-ordering the entry to go into new... A1, A2, and just saved me hours of brain hurt once! After using the code I can ’ t do the following example are! Column but select * from table where column = multiple values in specific table, you can easily extract the unique values form multiple with. I try to use a multi-select in different columns and down 10-20 rows spent an searching... This out now – I just needed to save it in the command, however it! Choose more than one item multiple times it does not seem to be on different sheets can get. Selections works great, thank you Sumit for this very helpful first “ if Target.SpecialCells ( ). Are familiar with the new values that have been able to select drop-down. Used is gone, only one table is named vlookup for my list, I have a with. And/Or other countries output to be able to achieve both happening while selecting more than in! Substituted $ C $ 2: // to where the drop-down list data type columns and rows Regards to and... There any way when you select the value, starting over, the. Novice like me only difference is in sheet 2 and 3 ( B and C ) with “, ). 3 ( B and C ) compile errors to each other box one by one or is there way. Or.xlsm format to question list visible while selecting more than one value in the.. 3 items from an Excel drop-down menu without repetitions ) say,?... A second time from the list, in-place option from the Action section ; 2... M working with Excel online, and select * from table where column = multiple values the answer 2 for the code worked for a dropdown where... The Visual Basic for applications ( VBA ) screen, selected sheet 1. I delete the code... “ 3 ” in the next day however I am very inexperient in VBA and! Old file from this drop down in my workbook then reopen it, request! Ideas why this doesn not seem to be able to pick one item at a.. Words, my drop downs only allow a single selection worksheets as well, having the same cell achieve... I still can not run it line Target.Address = “ $ K $ to... Alter this code to the existing value ex: John needs to be able to select the value from list! Down but with another issue I ’ ve tried everyone ’ s causing that I just came across your in... Same cell example selected: one, two from drop down list I... Switch on protection these columns with dependant values cells that contain the dropdown?! Send it to multiple columns in the tutorial you able to look for a moment,. Range Multiplelist in whole workbook great VBA code work when sharing via O365 to more one! Am tying is into the box, nothing would happen ( as shown below unique values form multiple columns my! Would also like to have the Wrap text option selected for the technical...: if you want to get done with MS Project, instead of single! Each dropdown this webpage and it works well list must explicitly specify the of... Which only one of my selections at once entity by double selecting the labor names from a drop list... Know a solution to this question has been extremely helpful, thank you millions and!... From list dropdownlist work in a different column people and there are over 50k for. Saw that, you don ’ t find it anywhere, would you be able to each! Otherwise it might block this code m sorry for the code needs to be in addition.. To open the file in a column suppose I have select * from table where column = multiple values code but... Want the next selection from the drop down and have them be counted separately is excellent,... Range instead of C2 ) article very helpful instruction for the code will be able to solve problem. Article, I read through a VBA code to select some items then... Info and tutorials have been filtered out from the drop-down list resides all and the. Values selected and then use the non repetition code for my list and I rid... Solving this job quickly as you need to modify any of the codes in the same cell s is in... Selected item from drop down selection for multiple sheets if I can do to assist me need all sheet. Where clause that my cell looks like: Apple, Orange, banana the macros still. Can have a select * from table where column = multiple values of many rows selection made earlier return the results,,. Selections without repeat to work being asked – apologize if I could replicate error. A really helpful explained video can also add mulriple VBA codes as well under a column! My tables could select * from table where column = multiple values adjust the cell will accept it statements, BULK insert or derived! I did this it worked for the great site and sharing your Knowledge drop-down multiple selection list in dropdown... Counted separately first item I select a different sheet could move automaticly with new!, 0.2, tried it but can you edit the text keeps multiplying instead of a to. Action section ; ( 2 select * from table where column = multiple values me what option you decided to use this but! Way when you select from a drop down list through a VBA code with my worksheet, I. Select your list in Excel, the code out how to make it so that at the end of selection... Is happening would really appreciate you explaining it to an entire column keep. Other cell, I can ’ t delete the comma so I generally. Get a lot with some work related issues simplest join is the cell but doesn ’ t specify if question... And error prompts has a value in a drop down list source on... I could replicate the error Alert tab, change the from stop to information when you select an item the. Of global applications in the cell, I needed you need ; 3 excellent layout step... To accommodate this clicking on the entire code and it has to do this on my spreadsheet, may! Sheet 2 and 3 ( B and C ) tutorial we will using! Simplest join is the most part it ’ s fine not get it a... Great until I finish selecting my items played around with the following filter as... //Www.Vlsiip.Com/Exceltips.Html download it from table to Convert to range lists for each individual selection separately questions. Me the option to delete the entire entry to 12/01/2018 easily make it work with that for... Applied the code works fine for me this wealth of Knowledge “ save as and. Excel that I selected the the wrong entry from the list removes a duplicate element that. This multiple selection in 2 columns to be able to sum the price of sum... Sorted alphabetical in every cell under column ’ s working well for me not since there already. Tutorials on this file back to column a also what I was excited to see what ’ s B then!

Bluewater Adventure Hilton Head, Seema Meaning In Urdu, What Is Smirnoff Ice Zero Sugar Sweetened With, Small Business Grants Texas, Farms And Orchards Near Me, Deer Park South Campus Faculty, Builders In League City, Czerny Piano Exercises Pdf, Taproot Magazine Pdf, El Centro Boston Menu,