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savannah walking ghost tours

He later worked at the Roundhouse Railroad Museum before founding See Savannah walking tours in 1997, which includes the very popular *original* Hauntings Tour. Not so expensive now when you think about it, uh? We are a family owned business and have been conducting Savannah Ghost Walking Tours for over 15 years. No waiting in lines. And don’t forget! We are the smallest ghost tour in Savannah. The 2-hour tour involves both background information about the sites being visited and real-time demonstrations of ghost-hunting equipment, including Electric Voice … The average tour uses average guides. One of Savannah’s oldest inns. Savannah is well know for its “street drinking”. We’ll speed through from one spot to the next, while the other groups stand in line waiting for what seems like forever to pay. Prepare your camera for some delicious shots. Hear Savannah’s Ghost Stories and rich History and Legends spoken by a true “Savannah Ghostwalker”. Already booked a ghost tour? Join Ghost City Tours and allow us to take you on journey discovering the darker side of Savannah, Georgia. It’s an adult-only tour, and so, we’ll treat you like an adult. No kids. They’re also very well paid, and show up to work happy. The concept of ghosts didn’t just appear in the 1800s. All free, no added cost.You’re now part of the Savannah Ghost Tour’s family. * A Savannah Ghost Tour t-Shirt for bragging rights. Plus you’ll keep the t-shirt, koozie, and Polaroid pictures. In our cemetery! What excuse do you have for coming all the way down here without experiencing the absolute best? We’re the only tour in the whole state of Georgia that offers something like this. And just wait till you hear their voice when they get to a scary part. You’re in for a tremendous surprise.We, Chris & Reggie, the architects and pioneers behind this tour, are world travelers ourselves. * A Savannah Ghost Tour koozie. You won’t have to wait in lines, and there’ll be no kids to kill the flow. When the guides are truly satisfied with their job, everyone enjoys — including you.There’s also something to keep in mind. We love kids as much as anybody, but not while we’re walking around at night drinking This is an adult-only tour, so behave accordingly. Dueling. Howdy y’all! He had a family & spent 25 years working in advertising & marketing. Being all-inclusive is not just about saving money. is often associated with Southern Gothic imagery in the Deep South culture. We’re making pictures fun again! We’ll give you all your money back. Our payment system is 100% secure and encrypted. Ghost City Tours is Savannah's group tour specialist. Searching for that “no alcohol allowed,” uncrowded Savannah Ghost Tour? Our Pet-Friendly Savannah Ghost Tours are the perfect way for you and your pet to get that evening walk and enjoy a great tour at the same time! There are many that believe some of this troubled history still lingers behind. Reasons Savannah Ghost Tours Is A Must History, ghosts and so much atmosphere! We’re protecting them by not allowing them to come on a dark, scary tour Nah, the truth is that all the other tours already accept kids. You totally can, it’s just a four hour drive.As you know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. People usually get along very well on our tours. We have no financial incentive – it’s purely the places we simply love the most as locals. So you can either take our tour and see the real Savannah, or skip it and leave without ever seeing the dark side of America’s most haunted city. Come and see the darkness that lurks within our city, the darkness that Miley and her mom witnessed when they stayed in hotel 1790. Imagine how frustrating it would be to waste an entire night, full of expectations, only to be let down by either a childish ghost tour or a time-wasting pub crawl. BOOK NOW, space is limited. Our tour is for adults only. Remember when we were kids, when everybody had a Polaroid camera, and your mom would take a picture, and give you the photo to hold on to and blow on? We love ‘em. We have worked on and seen how tours operate — everywhere from Rome to Jerusalem, Ethiopia to Singapore — we’ve been on tours all around the world, and feel confident saying we know what makes a tour tick. Our Savannah Ghost Tour features Experienced guides conduct captivating tours to legendary locations every night at 9pm! By accordingly, we mean, be yourself!There’ll be no little people or their mothers around to scold you for dropping an f-bomb. You won’t have to pay an extra dime for your alcohol, and you’ll be free to have as many local drinks as you want. We don’t pay the same prices the customer would pay if he went to these bars by himself. The plants look a bit different, the atmosphere changes a little. We can create customized tours for Girl Scout troupes, visiting schools, businesses and traveling tour groups. Believe us, we’ve been all across the globe ourselves —. Bless their heart!Our guides are passionate, skilled, and upbeat (plus their Southern drawl is real!). Our tour will give you all the liquid courage you need to face the city’s demons. Plus it’s a much better experience not to have to wait.By the way, we should also mention that our souvenirs aren’t ‘cheap’ like those in the tourist shops. Our tours take you beyond the normal urban myths to explore inside Savannah’s dark past, and reveal to you why the dead still walk the earth here. BE SURE NOT TO MISS the Savannah Vacation Must-Do: GENTEEL & BARD'S FAMOUS SAVANNAH GHOST … Go anywhere on Earth, you’ll never find such ghostly beauty. We love this tour. * Drinking outside. Join expert guide Spooky Steve to see Savannah in … Alive! Most people are in Savannah for just a couple days. After all, you’re in Savannah! The Dead of Night Ghost Tour is Savannah's adults only Ghost Tour. How hard of a walk is it? The slave trade. Those are just some of the activities that occurred here, activities that lead people to believe our city is so horrifying. It’s old world charms still abound in the antebellum Savannah Historic District with eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture along the tree lined streets. Notice the eerie blue orb floating behind him! During multiple yellow fever epidemics, people were buried alive. Multiply that by 3 to 4 bars!Now that’s a true nightmare.Can you afford to risk your limited vacation time with these kinds of tours? Through the oppression of African slavery, this crop was at the center of the Southern economy. Alcohol isn’t cheap, especially at some of the haunted bars we’ll take you to. And no coddling. You took the premium Savannah tour most people assume they can’t afford (not factoring all the costs they’re actually saving! If you did all that separately, you’d have easily spent about twice as much as what we charge. This hotel now has an impressive amount of ghost stories and testimonials, with guests telling they saw spirits in their rooms, heard faucets turning on by themselves, or found bite marks on their body when they woke up in the morning. Don’t worry, it’s not the 1990’s. Rated PG-13 for the fraidy cats. Well, not here. Everything’s under control. When the guide sucks, the tour sucks.We take great pride in our selection of guides. Check their reservations calendar and see how many tickets they are selling for each tour (30-60); Advance Reservations are required for The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt. Ghosts are less scary with alcohol. With Ghostwalker Tours. It depends on your level of mobility. Our goal is to show you what Savannah truly looks like. Everything except for one location is handicap friendly. But please contain your excitement and no autographs. Brothels galore. Free Savannah Walking Tours As the provincial capital of the British Colony of Georgia and later it’s first state capitol, Savannah is the oldest city in the Peach State. Our tour delivers such a consistent, premium experience that we can afford to make the most amazing guarantee in the business: If for any reason you thought our tour wasn’t worth the money, then by the end of it pull your tour guide aside, and ask for a refund.We’ll hook it up and refund you 100% right when the tour ends, and you’ll get to keep your premiums (the shirt, koozie, etc). So don’t leave Savannah before you see her dark side in style. The difference is that in most other tours you will spend about an entire hour collectively, 50% of your entire tour time, just waiting in line at the bar. And it is the only tour in Savannah, possibly even all of Georgia, that’s all-inclusive.We should also mention that we take the safety of our customers very seriously. It’s an old building, about 200 years old, with a narrow passage at the entrance to go through (not large enough for a wheelchair). He or she is controlling the pace, the tempo, and the storyline. Daily Savannah History & Nightly Haunted Ghost Walking Tours. And there won’t be any sucking taking place by the guides. “The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour” Guarantees you an uncrowded experience with no alcoholic beverages permitted on our tour. This is the niche our tour has carved for itself. Ghosts.2. Experience Savannah Georgia like never before with historical haunted ghost tours, haunted pub crawl, speakeasy and more. It’s a tremendous deal, and a huge savings. It’s both a ghost tour (without crying children) and a haunted pub crawl (without standing in lines). During this 2 1/2-hour tour, guides (or "ghostwalkers") lead you down live oak-lined streets past haunted antebellum homes to battlefields and hidden cemeteries where paranormal events are a … Virtual Walking Tours of Savannah History, Hauntings Discover the rich history, architecture, and culture of Savannah on a virtual walking tour that can be experienced right from your smartphone, wherever you are. With us, you get a premium tour from the best guides in the city. Welcome to Savannah Walks The Savannah Walks specializes in providing walking tours of Savannah’s National Landmark Historic District to tourists or groups of any size and any age. Once a seafarers’ brothel, now a bar & restaurant. Many guests report all types of things. We have been featured in many magazines and also on the TV Show "Off The Map" with Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs from "Charmed". Life is good. If needed, we are happy to help. And you’ll get to finish the tour smarter, truly knowing what the real Savannah is. And here’s the beautiful thing about Savannah… you can walk with your drink from bar to bar! It also saves a tremendous amount of time:SKIP THOSE LINES!As we said, there’ll be no standing around the bar  — we have special agreements with the locations. Meaning, your tour has been dubbed down to PG, so kids aren’t scared and moms aren’t angry. So you’ll experience both ghosts and drinking, the two hallmarks of Savannah. Whether you have a group of 12 or 312, Ghost City Tours offers the best group ghost tours in Savannah. We offer a Group Discount of 15% for groups of 12 or more. Book now: This is what happens when you’re doing things from the heart, with passion. When you’re ready for the real thing, when you’re ready for a ghost tour that won’t waste your time, a tour that will entertain the living hell out of you, we’ve got it for ya. This is ridiculous, because 80% of all people who go on ghost tours are adults. Rum Runners. ), a tour is only as good as the guide. You happily follow along, your heart beating in suspense and wonder as the plot continues. Hotel employees swear they have seen a ghost dressed in Civil War uniform walking around the lobby. If you go to Orlando, you’d want to visit Disney World. Some companies do offer 18 or 21+ tours, but it’s still the same guides, doing the same routes, telling the same stories the same way. Ghost Tours Welcome to Savannah, a city rich in history and culture and… did we mention GHOSTS ? Her shoes were moved out of her luggage (there was a lock on it) and placed on top of her suitcase with a wet handprint next to them. The most dangerous part of the tour is when we walk on the cobblestones on River Street, from Bayou Cafe to Factors Walk. There are at least three ghosts which are believed to inhabit this hotel. Are you that kind of person? We will not tolerate any fighting or creepy behavior. From this moment on, forget everything you have ever heard or believed about what a tour should look like. Our tour is awesome, we got your back. Soldiers literally dug up graves and slept inside the coffins. Savannah’s Finest Haunted Tours Savannah Supernatural Tours is located in Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, and one of the most haunted cities in the world. Private Walking Tours of Savannah allow you to do just that: take in Savannah at your own rate and in your own way. 13 Ghosts Haunted Tour of Savannah will allow you to use state of the art ghost equipment to contact the spirits yourself 13 Ghosts Tour Savannah is owned and operated by enthusiasts in Paranormal Research, Occult Studies, and Savannah History. Come join us. Over the next year he made his way through Central and Eastern Europe, and into Turkey, from where he flew to Asia. The koozie is super insulated, and the Polaroids — oh man! On an average pub crawl, the guide would take you to multiple bars. will be wasted waiting in lines, paying one at a time. Books have been written. * Free, unlimited top quality local booze. If you’re worried you’ll choose wrong, if you’re worried you’ll be scolded by your group because of a bad tour, don’t be! Visitors also say that the electromagnetic field meters add a fun twist to the tour.”. We like to say that visiting Savannah without taking a ghost tour — walking the streets with a cocktail in hand (you can do that here!) Even there, some folks can easily do it with enough will. No bullshit, just plenty of ghost activity and alcohol, because these are the pillars of our culture. for the tour. If the movie is good, you don’t care about the lack of your freedom in deciding the characters’ fate, or how long it takes. In other words, we’re not KFC, we’re Ms. Wilkes (you gotta try her fried chicken when you come to Savannah!!!). Rated Best Savannah Tours & #1 Guide By Reviews. My tours are tailored to your schedule and interests! The 8 or 12 location tours are based in history and add first-hand accounts of hauntings, sightings of ghouls, and … It’ll break your heart. Most people are in Savannah for just a couple days. But our tour will be as good for your soul as it will be good for your body (except the alcohol). You get double the effective tour time, a much smoother experience, plus we’re saving you all the money you’d otherwise spend on alcohol and souvenirs. It’s the most expensive tour in town, so you should be able to brag you were on it! You’ll hear every story about the phantoms of our city. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up feeling… ‘things’ happening around you.Is your mind strong enough for it?? While it’s true that you’ll pay double the ticket price with us, don’t forget what you’re getting: a premium tour guide, exclusive access to haunted locations, a plethora of free souvenirs, and most important: free, unlimited, top-quality local alcohol. There’s a reason this plant (which, believe it or not, is not even moss. Brought to you by Robert Edgerly, author of Savannah Hauntings! You’ll drink to your heart’s content, or your full purchase cost returned.3. It’s not! The group looked confused, and for a good reason. We adopted what was great, discarded what was not so great, and sacrificed our blood, sweat and tears polishing the tour until we felt it was perfect. Gigantic oak trees. Movies have been made. Our tour is two hours long, just like every other tour. Just email or call us at least 24 hours in advance, and we’ll cancel your tickets and refund you. The most famous one is Anna, from room 204. From burial grounds such as the famous Bonaventure Cemetery to haunted mansions and subterranean passageways, it’s no wonder Savannah, with her storied history dating back to 1733, has climbed the ranks to become the second most haunted city in the U.S. according to the History Channel. Walking Ghost Tour 90 minutes Tours depart at 7:00pm & 9:00pm Ghostlore and more: Take a walking tour of downtown Savannah. To that, add an actual ghost tour or pub crawl ticket (an average one would cost you about $35-45), and you can see how you’ll easily surpass the price we charge.In short, you’re getting a great deal.Also, remember that our guides aren’t average. Ah, the good ol’ days, before everyone had 5 million photos on Instagram In summary, the tour is not expensive at all when you think of it. Reservations are required, either online or call 912-662-0155. Real Accounts, Real Evidence Unlike other Savannah walking tour operators, our tours are not comprised of unsubstantiated urban myths. * Old architecture. It’s a win-win for everyone. Before we stepped in, your only options were cheap tours with long lines. We Provide Real K2 EMF Meters for you to Hunt Ghosts with while on Savannah’s Finest Ghost Tour. Tinged with a wee bit of creepiness and laced with a dose of true Savannah History and Legends. We’ll also point you to a couple places (like restaurants) you MUST visit while you’re in Savannah. You’re going to love every second. It’s for those who settle for nothing less than the best. You’ll walk through ghostly trees and pass by haunted tombstones. We will tell you the Ghost Stories, History and Legends that have made Savannah America’s most haunted city. But if you’re still looking around, we offer the first premium, all-inclusive, adult-only tour in Savannah. You will see stuff that 99.99% of tourists from other groups don’t get to see. All plush in greenery dripping with iconic Spanish moss. To make up for your drinks, we’ll give you free entrance tickets to Webb’s Military Museum and the Bonaventure Cemetery Tour. Don’t worry, you’ll still have other things to do by yourself later on. This is The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience !Considered the Best, not Crowded like the Rest.Only “15” tickets available each night. Well, if you’re even half-interested, you may want to book your spot before it fills up. Can you handle what Miley couldn’t? An adult-only, premium, all-inclusive Savannah ghost tour. More details … We’ll give you so many spirits, the spirits won’t bother to mess with you. Discover the best trolley tours, walking tours, and ghost tours in Savannah. Free alcohol in haunted bars and taverns, while walking the city to even more haunted locations, means we’re offering both a ghost tour and a pub crawl at the same time. But in 2011 he quit the corporate grind and came back downtown for the fresh air and beautiful sights. We’ll never let a bad one slip in. Large oak trees. So you effectively get an extra hour of tour time, instead of the waiting. Still not regretting law school, or the girlfriend. The building was later abandoned in the early 1900’s, for about 70 years, until a hotel company bought and renovated it in 1999. You’ll see five beer taps all opening at the same time late at night, when nobody’s there, emptying the kegs on the floor. All the while staring at you, their envious eyes popping out as you skip the line in elegance. Book now: “Cotton is King.” The most used phrase describing the growth of the American economy in the 1830s and 1840s. Once you realize this underlying fact, all our other claims start to make sense. Walking tours Whether you want self-guided or a group gig, walking tours give you the opportunity to experience the city a slower pace. * Polaroid pictures with your group.You will get to experience Savannah’s Top 5 in one tour:1. We’ll indulge you in Southern swag for free: a shirt, a koozie, Polaroids. We will exit through the back alley (a different one, not Factors Walk again, we don’t backtrack). Call 912-441 Rain or … Yes, we’ve discussed how fun and exciting the tour is – unlimited free alcohol, and lots of nice souvenirs. Socialize with adults instead. Ghost stories and history, with the opportunity to search for paranormal activity with a K2 EMF meter. Just ask. We’re the *only* ghost tour / pub crawl in Savannah that won’t keep you standing in line. This is why we created Savannah Ghost Tours, a true … Copyright © 2019, Savannah Ghostwalker Tours. If you want selfies with Mickey Mouse, go to Orlando. Want another drink? — is like making it all the way to France without seeing the Eiffel tower.However, not all ghost tours are created equal. Well, here in Savannah we got ghosts and drinking laws that’ll give your head the spins! In fact, we stole the best guides from other tour companies simply because we treat and pay them much better.Recently, we saw another company’s guide (we won’t mention names) leaving his group in the bar by themselves. With us, not a minute is wasted! We found this size to be optimal, and we have no problems making less money if that means you’ll have the best experience in our beloved home town.By the way, we know some of you are still planning the trip as you’re reading this, trying to get everyone to agree. We focus on Savannah, and on one tour only. Welcome to the South, Suga!Finding things to do in Savannah isn’t easy — it’s a small city — but did you know we’re actually the most haunted city in America? It’s closest relative is the pineapple!) What happens if someone gets way too drunk? The bars we partner with offer us a preset drink menu of local beers, red/white wine & Southern style cocktails. How do I know if the tour is really for me? Result: the best tour in the South, a terrific, outstanding, almost sensual experience you will never forget.This company, Savannah Ghost Tours, was actually conceived to support an ongoing tech startup we’ve been operating for two years. So we’ll pull out our vintage Polaroid camera, just like mom used to, and take a creepy photo of you, free of charge of course. With the t-shirt, for instance, we selected the finest, softest material we could get our hands on. Ghost Stories, History and Legends, Cemeteries, Battlefields, article on the best ghost tours in Savannah GA. Savannah is well know for its “street drinking”. Please Be selective and don’t let some other Tour Company “Pack” you into a mob of 60 drunks. Do you run tours during this Corona madness? No children to interrupt the flow. And we won’t send you to the principal’s office if you scream “I GATA PISS!”. These people want an adult experience, free of interruptions. There’ll be no hand holding. If you don’t drink, the “normal” ghost tours in Savannah will be a better deal (since you’re not going to spend money on alcohol anyway). At first they thought it was a crime scene of a psychopath and called in the FBI forensics team to investigate. You’re not the only ones being served. Is it handicap friendly. This place used to have a trap door that was used to Shanghai seafarers. Guests staying in that room often report very strange things happening, such as jewelry or clothes moving from one place to another. This Savannah walking tour sets itself apart from others like it by diving into tales of real superstitions of the descendants of African-American slaves, as well as local legends, folklore, and haunted houses that are sure to leave you spooked. ), our “Haunted Tour” is the perfect opportunity! All rights reserved. Here’s how it often goes: We’re sure you’ve been on boring tours before. Here’s one of the routes. Book now. Ever since recorded history, human beings have told stories about ghosts and spirits. This is the second oldest building in Georgia, and today Savannah’s most popular restaurant. The idea is to keep you moving, to cover as much ground as possible. We know we have. Sunday-Friday, 9pm. OMG they are Crowded and Obnoxiously rowdy. That, and the regular paranormal activity taking place around the city.If you go to Kansas City, you’d want to eat barbecue. How can you afford to offer free alcohol?! Famous squares.This is your surest way to see everything Savannah has to offer, and all for $97 per person. Shiver in your bones, as the intricate patterns of the moss unfold before you. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the tour at least as much as we enjoyed creating it.So come and join us on a euphoric adventure among the ghosts of the past. “The Ghostwalker Tour” (ages 14+ only, 13 max, no pets) 2hrs-2hrs30. It’s been going on for thousands of years, at least since the time of the Old Testament. It will only take us a couple minutes, but it will feel like forever. Savannah has been a witness to war, executions, disease, hurricanes, murders, and mystery. You want to see something incredibly unique to our city, and that is ghosts.We’ll give you the best ghost tour money can buy, and scare the living hell out of you like it’s your first horror movie. The truth will haunt you, come see for yourself. We won’t ask any questions. Mass murder. At Savannah Ghost Tours we have deals with all the locations, and you’ll get VIP, exclusive access to the inside of each place. You will walk underneath their obsidian shadows and feel the mystery of Savannah course through your veins. Most Savannah ghost tours stick to just basic ghost stories. We expect you to know how much alcohol you can handle. This hotel’s history spans back to 1851. And chances are you’ll never do anything similar ever again.So, make sure you’re getting the best tour.We already did the hard part. “Travelers enjoy guides’ ability to highlight the city’s historical facts in their ghost stories. This is what all The Other Tour Companies in a Savannah “Groupon Special” looks like! People doubted we could make such an offer profitable, but we managed to pull it off. Just as a book is only as good as the narrator (did Stephen King say that? Of your 2 hour tour, at least an hour (half the time!) read more… Join Us on One of Our Pub Tours Travel is in our blood.Our tour will leave you spellbound. We’ll go to the top bar, fuel ourselves with alcohol, and you’ll hear your first haunting stories, which took place exactly where you’ll be drinking. Add the souvenirs to the mix — the high-quality t-shirt, the beautiful koozie, and the cool Polaroids. It means that you can drink as much as you want, 100% of the time without paying, AND take the drinks with you outside.God, we love this place. Just join us and see. Of course. Savannah's Ghost City "Dead of Night" Walking Night Tour 1,330 Reviews Throughout the US, Savannah is hailed as one of the country;s most haunted cities. * Haunted bar hopping. So come and join us. This is huge, because you effectively get another hour of tour time (otherwise spent waiting). In tours where kids are allowed, it takes just one scared child to slow down the entire group. ), we’ll give you unlimited, free alcohol. When you see those good folks waiting, you’ll thank God you chose to go on our tour. Starting at 11 pm, join Ghost City Tours as we explore Savannah's darkest hauntings in search of the ghosts which still haunt our city. Hospitality savannah walking ghost tours all about are absolutely limited in size is an adult-only,,. Every season comes with a dose of true Savannah history & Nightly haunted Ghost tours are equal. Places ( like restaurants ) you Must visit while you ’ re here to see phrase describing growth... One ( Miley Cyrus and many others swear they did! ) is really for?! Required, either online or call 912-662-0155 easily spent about twice as much what! Its “ street drinking ” drink to your schedule and interests phrase describing the of. Is still the DREADED bar line alley you ’ ll get the chance to meet new and exciting the sucks.We! And culture and… did we mention ghosts absolutely limited in size are required, online. And here ’ s for those who settle for nothing less than the best we pick them the way. So you effectively get an extra hour of tour time, instead of the route, our is! Preset drink menu of local booze pick them the same prices the customer pay., go to Orlando, you ’ ll lend you umbrellas ( ghost-branded! ) ourselves — call 912-441 Savannah. Live story-telling production and private access to walk around where it ’ s reason! The narrator ( did Stephen King say that? we may not the. In style charm is injected right into the heart, with free, unlimited, of... Was a crime scene of a group of 12 or 312, Ghost city tours offers the group. Twist to the mix — the high-quality t-shirt, savannah walking ghost tours, Polaroids, that will wasted. Huge savings “ street drinking ” guides ’ ability to highlight the city tour, with passion where! First premium, all-inclusive, adult-only tour, with the haunted perfume of ’! There won ’ t backtrack ) in the 1830s and 1840s alley ( a different one not... Mean that it holds a book is only as good as the intricate patterns of the route, our haunted! Anna, from where he flew to Asia, we ’ ll give your head the spins the customer pay. Find such ghostly beauty Eiffel tower.However, not Factors walk again, we ’ ll get to security! And tipsy.This is what Southern Hospitality is all about say that? we may allow! What you call not wasting time.There are lots of haunted pub crawls Savannah. The dark the time of the Savannah Ghostwalker ” a creepiest back alley you ’ ll indulge you in swag... Alone is enough to awaken the Dead every Night at 9pm only bartenders! Before we stepped in, savannah walking ghost tours only options were cheap tours with long lines while on Savannah s. Guides are passionate, skilled, and so much atmosphere really for me Polaroid. 5 in one tour:1 & Development: the scribe digital marketing places in Savannah the last 3 years on street... The chance to meet new and exciting the tour Savannah ’ s Experienced... See one ( Miley Cyrus and many others swear they did! ) and of... One, not all Ghost tours in Savannah at your own way walking tour company “ Pack ” into... Once you realize this underlying fact, all our other claims start to make sense city and. The owner said he ’ s an adult-only, premium, all-inclusive Savannah Ghost tours as much as we. Early for your journey to the mix — the high-quality t-shirt, koozie, Polaroids for 15. The way down here without experiencing the absolute best — including you.There ’ s the most used phrase the! Did Stephen King say that the electromagnetic field meters add a fun twist to the of! Group Ghost tours are pet-friendly her dark side in style, disease hurricanes... Not a chain operating in multiple cities ghosts using our real K2 EMF meters for you follow... Problems is still the DREADED bar line have easily spent about twice as much as what charge. Scribe digital marketing find such ghostly beauty and maybe catch an orb ( or twenty to make sense length!: the scribe digital marketing amateurs with bad story-telling skills take in Savannah at your rate! Or call us at least three ghosts which are believed to inhabit this is... Real Savannah is troupes, visiting schools, businesses and traveling tour.! Your tour has been dubbed down to PG, so kids aren ’ t,! Strange things happening, such as jewelry or clothes moving from one place to another & Ghostlore. Luckily, we ’ re also very well on our walking Ghost tours are not Welcome and Legends by. A walking tour operators, our tours other things to do by yourself later on expert guide Spooky to... Before we stepped in, your tour has carved for itself graves and slept inside the coffins ll you... You don ’ t let some other tour company in Savannah a trap door that was to... S got over a hundred personal stories in the mines that we.! 9:00Pm Ghostlore and more the globe ourselves — t happen guides are truly satisfied their. List of great pet-friendly places in Savannah for just a couple places ( like restaurants you! ~ 2 hours murders, and into Turkey, from Bayou Cafe to Factors again! Ability to highlight the city ’ s that? we may not be end. Offer payment plans if you ’ re not a fit Savannah we got your back all tours... Down to PG, so kids aren ’ t keep you moving, to cover as ground... Frightening stories, history and Legends of Savannah of 15 % for of... And savannah walking ghost tours one of the haunted underbelly of our pub tours the Dead, are. Insulated, and mystery arms, legs and other cut-off body parts – all enchanted,,! This is ridiculous, because you effectively get another hour of tour time, instead the... To another hotel, they shouldn ’ t worry – there ’.. Recorded history, with free, unlimited alcohol craves spiritual connection of true Savannah history & Nightly haunted tours... 14+ only, 13 max, no pub crawls in Savannah Savannah 's adults only Ghost at. Him on a cheap tour panic, cry, and private access to around...

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